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  • Bioactive Glasses

    Bioactive Glasses
    Gurbinder Kaur

    This book describes the history, origin and basic characteristics of bioactive materials.

  • Articular Cartilage Tissue Engineering

    Articular Cartilage Tissue Engineering
    Kyriacos A. Athanasiou, Eric M. Darling, Jerry C. Hu

    This book was written to serve as a reference for researchers seeking to learn about articular cartilage, for undergraduate and graduate level courses, and as a compendium of articular cartilage tissue engineering design criteria.

  • Dictionary of Biomedical Science

    Dictionary of Biomedical Science
    Peter J. Gosling

    This informative, practical guide contains over 8000 entries that define all the basic principles of biomedical sciences, together with a wealth of other information.

  • Biological Performance of Materials

    Biological Performance of Materials
    Jonathan Black

    This third edition contains a glossary of specialized terms; discussion of the emerging area of tissue engineering; more sources; and more tables to additional generic biomaterials properties.

  • Electrochemical Sensors Biosensors and their Biomedical Applications

    Electrochemical Sensors, Biosensors and their Biomedical Applications
    Xueji Zhang, Huangxian Ju, Joseph Wang

    This book broadly reviews the modem techniques and significant applications of chemical sensors and biosensors.

  • Biomaterials

    J. Park

    In writing this book, I have attempted to cover both biological and nonbiological (man-made) materials for obvious reasons. Hence, this book can be divided into three parts-man-made materials, biological materials, and implant materials.

  • Fluorescence Based Biosensors

    Fluorescence-Based Biosensors

    This volume will convey the many exciting developments the field of fluorescent biosensors and reporters has witnessed over the recent years, from concepts to applications, including chapters on the chemistry of fluorescent probes, on …

  • Application of Infrared Thermography in Sports Science

    Application of Infrared Thermography in Sports Science
    Jose Ignacio Priego Quesada

    This book addresses the application of infrared thermography in sports, examining the main benefits of this non-invasive, non-radiating and low-cost technique.

  • Quantitative Understanding of Biosystems

    Quantitative Understanding of Biosystems
    Thomas M. Nordlund

    After completing this book, students will gain significant computational and project experience and become competent at quantitatively characterizing biosystems.

  • Physiological Aspects of Legged Terrestrial Locomotion

    Physiological Aspects of Legged Terrestrial Locomotion
    Giovanni Cavagna

    This book offers a succinct but comprehensive description of the mechanics of muscle contraction and legged terrestrial locomotion.

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