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  • Mapping Cultures

    Mapping Cultures
    Les Roberts

    An interdisciplinary collection exploring the practices and cultures of mapping in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

  • Terrestrial Lessons

    Terrestrial Lessons
    Sumathi Ramaswamy

    Prologue: Global itineraries, Earth inscriptions — In pursuit of a global thing — "As you live in the world, you ought to know something of the world" — The global pandit — Down to Earth?

  • Le pouvoir des cartes

    Le pouvoir des cartes
    Pedrick, C.

    Les systèmes d'information géographique participatifs (SIGP) associent divers outils et méthodes de gestion des informations géo spatiales comme les croquis cartographiques, la modélisation participative en 3D (MP3D), les photographies …

  • Sustaining Air Force Space Systems

    Sustaining Air Force Space Systems
    Don Snyder

    Outlines criteria for analyzing how sustainment investments affect the operational performance of space systems, focusing on the Global Positioning System; describes a pilot model for such analysis; and examines how model results might be …

  • Korea

    John R. Short

    In his final section, Short covers the period from Japanese colonial control of Korea to the present day and demonstrates how some of the tumultuous events of the past hundred years are recorded and contested in maps.

  • Early Mapping of Southeast Asia

    Early Mapping of Southeast Asia
    Thomas Suarez

    This book recounts the fascinating story of how Southeast Asia was, quite literally, put on the map, both in cartographic terms and as a literary and imaginative concept.

  • The Atlas of African Affairs

    The Atlas of African Affairs
    Ieuan L.l. Griffiths

    Throughout, the book presents an interdisciplinary, integrated perspective on African affairs.

  • Maps Civilization

    Maps & Civilization
    Norman Joseph William Thrower

    The second ediion of Maps and Civilization incorporates numerous revisions and has new material added throughout the book. "The premier one-volume history of cartography. . .

  • History of Cartography

    History of Cartography
    Leo Bagrow

    This expanded second edition of Bagrow and Skelton's History of Cartography marks the reappearance of this seminal work after a hiatus of nearly a half century.

  • The Mapping of New Spain

    The Mapping of New Spain
    Barbara E. Mundy

    . This is an important work." —John F. Schwaller, Sixteenth Century Journal "This beautiful book opens a Pandora's box in the most positive sense, for it provokes the reconsideration of several long-held opinions about Spanish colonialism …

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