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  • The Mapping of New Spain

    The Mapping of New Spain
    Barbara E. Mundy

    . This is an important work." ‚ÄĒJohn F. Schwaller, Sixteenth Century Journal "This beautiful book opens a Pandora's box in the most positive sense, for it provokes the reconsideration of several long-held opinions about Spanish colonialism …

  • Mapa de Vegetaci√ de Catalunya 1 50 000 G√ sol 254 35 11

    Mapa de Vegetació de Catalunya 1:50.000.: Gósol 254 (35-11)
    Josep Vigo, Jordi Carreras, Instituto Cartogr√°fico de Catalu√Īa, Institut d’Estudis Catalans

    Llibre i mapa que comprenen quasi enterament les serralades prepirinenques del C adí, Port del Comte, Serra del Verd, Pedraforca i Serra d'Ensija.

  • The Earth s Shape and Gravity

    The Earth’s Shape and Gravity
    G. D. Garland

    The text then elaborates on the shape of the sea-level surface and reduction of gravity observations.

  • Un tesoro ritrovato

    Un tesoro ritrovato

    La mostra Un tesoro ritrovato.

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife a trav√ s de la Cartograf√ a 1588 1899

    Santa Cruz de Tenerife a través de la Cartografía [1588-1899]
    Juan Tous Meli√°

    Este libro, en formato de atlas, nació como una contribución a la celebración del Quinto Centenario de la fundación de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, en 1994.

  • Elements of Spatial Data Quality

    Elements of Spatial Data Quality
    S.C. Guptill, J.L. Morrison

    This book will be of interest to all of those individuals involved in geographical information systems and spatial data handling.

  • The Worldmakers

    The Worldmakers
    Ayesha Ramachandran

    In this beautifully conceived book, Ayesha Ramachandran reconstructs the imaginative struggles of early modern artists, philosophers, and writers to make sense of something that we take for granted: the world, imagined as a whole.

  • Spatial Reasoning for Effective GIS

    Spatial Reasoning for Effective GIS
    Joseph K. Berry

    Spatial Reasoning for Effective GIS by Joseph K. Berry This incisive and witty book describes the development of geographic technology from maps that simply tell us "Where is what?" to systems that help us decide "So what?

  • Spatial Analysis

    Spatial Analysis
    Paul A. Longley, Michael Batty

    This book shows how computer methods of analysis and modelling, built around GIS, can be used to identify ways in which our cities and regions might be better planned and understood.

  • Contouring

    Debbie Watson

    This unique book is the key to computer contouring, exploring in detail the practice and principles using a personal computer.

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