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  • Mapping Our World

    Mapping Our World
    Peter Barber, Katherine Barnes, Dr Nigel Erskine, Rupert Gertisen, Dr Jeremy Green, Dr Susannah Helman, David Kaus, Robert J. King, Granville Allen Mawer, Maggie Patton, Erica Persak, Jon Rhodes, Denis Shephard, Dr Peter Sutton, Dr Martin Terry, Justine Van Mourik, Dr Brendan Whyte, Nat Wiliams, Dr Martin Woods

    Commissioned by King Afonso V of Portugal, it is the last of the great medieval world maps to inspire navigators in the Age of Discovery to explore beyond the Indian Ocean.

  • Making Maps

    Making Maps
    John Krygier, Denis Wood

    This volume is a concise guide to creating maps using GIS (a geographic information system).

  • Mapping the Holy Land

    Mapping the Holy Land
    Haim Goren, Bruno Schelhaas, Jutta Faehndrich

    Through a detailed study of the work of three of the leading figures of the era – Augustus Petermann, Physical Geographer Royal to Queen Victoria; cartographer Charles Meredith van de Velde, who produced the finest map of the region at the …

  • Tracks on Web maps of the Dunedin Area and the Expanding Role of Track names

    Tracks on Web-maps of the Dunedin Area and the Expanding Role of Track-names
    Pete McDonald

    Title: Tracks on Web-maps of the Dunedin Area and the Expanding Role of Track-names Author: McDonald, Pete. Publisher: Pete McDonald, Dunedin, NZ (2013). Description: E-book (PDF), A4, colour illustrations.

  • El mapa del flujo de valor

    El mapa del flujo de valor

    Este libro es una guía práctica y accesible para entender y aplicar el mapa del flujo de valor, que le aportará la información esencial y le permitirá ganar tiempo.

  • Instant Google Map Maker Starter

    Instant Google Map Maker Starter
    Limoke Oscar

    Get to grips with a new technology, understand what it is and what it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks.This is a practical, example-rich Starter which helps you with the skills needed to learn …

  • The World Map 1300 1492

    The World Map, 1300–1492
    Evelyn Edson

    This engaging and informative study reveals how the ingenuity, creativity, and adaptability of these craftsmen helped pave the way for an age of discovery.

  •  Restituiamo la Storia giornate di studio

    «Restituiamo la Storia» – giornate di studio

    Questo volume, il secondo della collana che documenterà le attività del PRIN 2006 "Restituiamo la Storia", contiene apparentemente "solo" il resoconto di due giornate di studio dedicate al lavoro di ricerca in progress: l'una sui primi …

  • Ancient Perspectives

    Ancient Perspectives
    Richard J. A. Talbert

    Even though none of these civilizations devised the means to measure time or distance with precision, they still conceptualized their surroundings, natural and man-made, near and far, and felt the urge to record them by inventive means that …

  • Cartographic Encounters

    Cartographic Encounters
    G. Malcolm Lewis

    This book charts the history of these cartographic encounters, examining native maps and mapmaking from the pre- and post-contact periods.

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