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  • Planning

    Edward D. Mills

    The book reviews the construction, planning, materials, and design of office buildings and banks, including characteristics of buildings, types of accommodation, furnishing, and materials and equipment.

  • Spon s Landscape Handbook

    Spon’s Landscape Handbook
    Derek Lovejoy Partnership,

    There have been such great changes in legislation, official guidance, the British Standards and the techniques used in landscape and external works since the third edition was written ten years ago that the Handbook has been totally …

  • Photovoltaics in Buildings

    Photovoltaics in Buildings
    Friedrich Sick, Thomas Erge

    Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight without Oil sets out the challenges to our growing dependence on transport fuelled by low-priced oil.

  • JCT 2005

    JCT 2005
    Phil Griffiths

    Spilt into 3 sections, this book provides a summary of the current JCT Contracts, identifying which to use for what type of work, along with an analysis of their risk, liability, documentation, design responsibility and financial procedures …

  • Living Architecture

    Living Architecture
    Graeme Hopkins, Christine Goodwin

    This book will appeal to a wide range of readers, from students and practitioners of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and ecology, through to members of the community interested in how they can more effectively use the …

  • Construcci√ n de cimientos

    Construcción de cimientos
    √Āngel Hidalgo Bahamontes

    Trazado y excavaciones. Replanteo. Entreibaciones. Encofrados. Cargas excéntricas. Lesiones y reparaciones de cimientos. Corrimientos. Humedades.

  • Programming and Scheduling Techniques

    Programming and Scheduling Techniques
    Thomas E. Uher

    Brings together the most commonly used scheduling techniques in the construction industry including bar chart, critical path, multiple activity chart and line of balance.

  • Concrete Portable Handbook

    Concrete Portable Handbook
    R. Dodge Woodson

    Whether or not, you are on the job site or back in the office, this book will help you to avoid mistakes, code violations, and wasted time and money.

  • Stallcup s Generator Transformer Motor and Compressor 2011 Edition

    Stallcup’s? Generator, Transformer, Motor and Compressor, 2011 Edition
    James G. Stallcup, James W. Stallcup

    This text fully explains how these devises work and which Code rules apply.

  • Global Environmental Change

    Global Environmental Change
    Antoinette Mannion

    Now in its second edition. This text has been extensively revised and rewritten to reflect the growth in environmental research during the last decade.

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