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  • Programaci n Gr fica para Ingenieros

    Programación Gráfica para Ingenieros
    José Miguel Molina Martínez, Manuel Jiménez Buendía

    Para el desarrollo de aplicaciones SCADA se trata, de una forma práctica, como cómo utilizar el módulo DSC. José Miguel Molina Martínez (Dr. Ingeniero Agrónomo) y Manuel Jiménez Buendía (Dr.

  • Engineering Vibroacoustic Analysis

    Engineering Vibroacoustic Analysis
    Stephen A. Hambric, Shung H. Sung, Donald J. Nefske

    The book describes analytical methods (based primarily on classical modal synthesis), the Finite Element Method (FEM), Boundary Element Method (BEM), Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA), Energy Finite Element Analysis (EFEA), Hybrid Methods …

  • TRIZ for Engineers Enabling Inventive Problem Solving

    TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving
    Karen Gadd

    This highly innovative book: Satisfies the need for concise, clearly presented information together with practical advice on TRIZ and problem solving algorithms Employs explanatory techniques, processes and examples that have been used to …

  • Computer Aided Production Engineering

    Computer Aided Production Engineering
    Hongzan Bin

    This collection displays innovations and techniques in this area of mechanical engineering from the academia and industry.

  • Inside Rhinoceros 5

    Inside Rhinoceros 5
    Ron K.C. Cheng

    This book bridges the gap between theoretical and software-oriented approaches to computer modeling by providing a balanced presentation of theory, concepts, and hands-on tutorials.

  • Computer Mediated Briefing for Architects

    Computer-Mediated Briefing for Architects
    Koutamanis, Alexander

    This book offers a practical approach in the accommodation of these programs and is an essential reference for architectural educators, students, and practitioners with hands-on experience in either compiling briefs or using the briefs for …



    This Second Edition includes three new chapters, namely Fits and Tolerances, Assembly Drawings, and Freehand Sketching, anda revamped chapter on Gears.

  • Machine Analysis with Computer Applications for Mechanical Engineers

    Machine Analysis with Computer Applications for Mechanical Engineers
    James Doane

    The aim of this book is to motivate students into learning Machine Analysis by reinforcing theory and applications throughout the text.

  • Machine Design

    Machine Design
    Andrew D. Dimarogonas

    As computers have become faster and less expensive while handling an increasing amount of information, their use in machine design has spread from large industrial needs to the small designer.

  • Finite Elements

    Finite Elements
    A. J. Baker

    Approaches computational engineering sciences from the perspective of engineering applications Uniting theory with hands-on computer practice, this book gives readers a firm appreciation of the error mechanisms and control that underlie …

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