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  • Geomechanics of Failures

    Geomechanics of Failures
    Alexander M. Puzrin, Eduardo E. Alonso, Núria M. Pinyol

    The book shows how much can be learned from relatively simple approaches. Despite this emphasis on simplicity, the book provides a deep insight into the cases analyzed.

  • Future Sustainable Ecosystems

    Future Sustainable Ecosystems
    Nathaniel K Newlands

    The book highlights the importance of statistics in guiding, designing and delivering real-world solutions and helping to unravel the complex array of tradeoffs, uncertainties, inter-dependencies and unforeseen risks.

  • Environmental Change

    Environmental Change
    Frank Oldfield

    This book provides a balanced, non-specialist basis for understanding and exploring the scientific issues underlying global change for advanced undergraduates in geography, environmental, earth, biological and ecological sciences.

  • Hazardous Materials Chemistry for Emergency Responders Third Edition

    Hazardous Materials Chemistry for Emergency Responders, Third Edition
    Robert Burke

    The third edition of a bestseller, Hazardous Materials Chemistry for Emergency Responders continues to provide the fundamentals of "street chemistry" required by emergency response personnel.

  • Baltic Coastal Ecosystems

    Baltic Coastal Ecosystems
    Gerald Schernewski, Ulrich Schiewer

    The workshop "Baltic Coastal Ecosystems – Structure, Function and Coastal Zone Management" tried to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussions, the exchange of ideas and the presentation of scientific results with respect to the Bal …

  • Construction Management in Practice

    Construction Management in Practice
    Richard F. Fellows, David Langford, Robert Newcombe, Sydney Urry

    While most construction management books are project based, this book looks at management principles and techniques applied to the day-to-day problems facing a business in the construction industry.

  • Adsorption

    Li Zhou

    This volume reviews recent progress and outlines the outlook for future development in adsorption theories, kinetics, pressure swing adsorption, SMB, and new nanoporous adsorbents.

  • Biodegradable Polymers and Plastics

    Biodegradable Polymers and Plastics
    Emo Chiellini, Roberto Solaro

  • The Denial of Nature

    The Denial of Nature
    Arne Johan Vetlesen

    A study of the increasingly precarious relationship between humans and nature, this book seeks to go beyond work already contributed to the environmental movement.

  • Stone in Architecture

    Stone in Architecture
    Erhard Winkler

    This book surveys important stone properties, both physical and chemical, pertinent to the needs of architects, engineers and stone producers.

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