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  • Fundamentals of Technical Rescue

    Fundamentals of Technical Rescue
    Robert Rhea, International Association of Fire Chiefs, Brian Rousseau

    Beginning with an introduction to technical rescue and progressing through discussions of tools and equipment, incident management, and conducting search operations, this text will introduce rescue organizations and their members to all …

  • Burning Issues

    Burning Issues
    Mark Adams, Peter Attiwill

    The role of fire in Australia's ecosystems, and how to manage fire both for safety and for diversity.

  • Aircraft incidents

    Aircraft incidents
    Great Britain: Department for Communities and Local Government, Chief Fire & Rescue Adviser

    The Fire and Rescue Service Operational Guidance – Aircraft Incidents provides a consistent approach that forms the basis for common operational practices.

  • Data for Room Fire Model Comparisons

    Data for Room Fire Model Comparisons
    Richard D. Peacock

    Presents the types of analyses that can be used to examine large-scale room fire test data to prepare the data for comparison with zone-based fire models.

  • Vehicle Extrication

    Vehicle Extrication
    Iafc, David Sweet, National Fire Protection Association, International Association of Fire Chiefs

    Glossary, test review aids, interactive skill drills, evaluation sheets and more at

  • Mobile Phone Security and Forensics

    Mobile Phone Security and Forensics
    Iosif I. Androulidakis

    The purpose of this book is to raise user awareness in regards to security and privacy threats present in the use of mobile phones while readers will also learn where forensics data reside in the mobile phone and the network and how to …

  • Bioterrorism


    From personal protection to emergency actions to the guidelines for the 12 most probable biological agents, this book allows all responders to be on the same page, even when communications fail.

  • Using rheology to estimate short term retardant droplet sizes

    Using rheology to estimate short-term retardant droplet sizes
    Wayne P. Van Meter, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station (Ogden, Utah)

  • Allocation model for firefighting resources a progress report

    Allocation model for firefighting resources– a progress report
    Frederick W. Bratten

  • Operating guidelines

    Operating guidelines
    Equipment Development Center (Missoula, Mont.)

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