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  • A Fishery Manager s Guidebook

    A Fishery Manager’s Guidebook
    Dr Kevern L. Cochrane, Dr Serge M. Garcia

    This volume is intended to contribute to improving this unsatisfactory state by addressing the widespread need for information and guidance on the broad and often complex task of fisheries management.

  • Oceanography and Marine Biology An Annual Review Volume 42

    Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review, Volume 42
    R. N. Gibson, R. J. A. Atkinson, J. D. M. Gordon

    Its objective is an annual consideration of basic areas of marine research, dealing with subjects of special or immediate importance, adding new subjects as they arise. The volumes maintain a unified perspective on the marine sciences.

  • Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries

    Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries
    Paul J. B. Hart, John D. Reynolds

    The Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries has been written by an international team of scientists and practitioners, to provide an overview of the biology of freshwater and marine fish species together with the science that supports …

  • Bioeconomic Modelling and Valuation of Exploited Marine Ecosystems

    Bioeconomic Modelling and Valuation of Exploited Marine Ecosystems
    J.C.J.M. van den Bergh, J. Hoekstra, R. Imeson, P.A.L.D. Nunes, A.T. de Blaeij

    Offers an environmental-economic analysis of exploited ecosystems. This book presents short, introductory overviews of integrated assessment, economic modeling of fishery management, incorporating uncertainty in fisheries analysis.

  • Les rejets des pêcheries maritimes mondiales

    Les rejets des pêcheries maritimes mondiales
    Kieran Kelleher

    Les rejets représentent une proportion significative des captures marines totales et sont généralement considérés comme du gaspillage.

  • Fisheries Management

    Fisheries Management
    Tim McClanahan, Juan Carlos Castilla

    All libraries in universities and research establishments where this area is studied and taught will find this book a valuable addition to their shelves.

  • Constructing Cooperation

    Constructing Cooperation
    Sara G. Singleton

    Considers how cooperation between public and private groups brings about systems of balanced management of an important common pool resource

  • Ecological Biomarkers

    Ecological Biomarkers
    Claude Amiard-Triquet, Jean-Claude Amiard, Philip S. Rainbow

    This book describes the core biomarkers currently used in environmental research concerned with biological monitoring, biomarkers which correspond to the defences developed by living organisms in response to contaminants in their …

  • Stock Identification Methods

    Stock Identification Methods
    Steven X. Cadrin, Lisa A. Kerr, Stefano Mariani

    The book is organized to foster interdisciplinary analyses and conclusions about stock structure, a crucial topic for fishery science and management.

  • Echinoderms Through Time

    Echinoderms Through Time
    Bruno David, Alain Guille, Jean-Pierre Feral

    Echinoderms are now considered as a biological and geological model that underlies researches of primary importance.

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