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  • Sustaining Marine Fisheries

    Sustaining Marine Fisheries
    Committee on Ecosystem Management for Sustainable Marine Fisheries, National Research Council, Commission on Geosciences, Environment and Resources, Ocean Studies Board, Division on Earth and Life Studies

    The book documents the condition of marine fisheries today, highlighting species and geographic areas that are under particular stress.

  • Practical Handbook of Marine Science Third Edition

    Practical Handbook of Marine Science, Third Edition
    Michael J. Kennish

    The Practical Handbook of Marine Science, Third Edition is your first resource when you need current, concise, and detailed data.

  • Chemical Oceanography Third Edition

    Chemical Oceanography, Third Edition
    Frank J. Millero

    The most up-to-date compilation of essential concepts and data available on the subject, this book responds to the need for a thorough, yet straightforward approach to the subject for students, researchers, and other professionals in marine …

  • Biology of Northern Krill

    Biology of Northern Krill

    This thematic volume, edited by Geraint Tarling, provides a comprehensive review of the biology of Northern Krill.

  • Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms Volume 3

    Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms, Volume 3
    A. R. Kapuscinski

    This third text in the series presents scientific methodologies, combined with stakeholder deliberation, for assessing and managing ecological risks of transgenic fish.

  • The War Against the Seals

    The War Against the Seals
    Briton Cooper Busch

    Concentrates on the fur seals of the Bering Sea and the harp seals of the Newfoundland hunt. Reveals the consequences of an industry's killing of more than 50,000,000 seals in a century and a half.

  • Artemia Biology

    Artemia Biology
    Robert A. Browne, Patrick Sorgeloos, Clive N.A. Trotman

    Researchers investigating basic biological questions involving molecular genetics, biochemistry, enzymatic and developmental activities, physiology, ecological genetics and adaptation, ecology, and aquaculture production will find this book …

  • Marine Shrimp Culture

    Marine Shrimp Culture
    A.W. Fast, L.J. Lester

    This book provides a description of principles and practices of shrimp culture at one point in time and documents both historical events and conditions now. It also tries to look into the future.

  • Terrestrial Isopod Biology

    Terrestrial Isopod Biology
    A.M. Alikhan

    This text contains the papers of a meeting on American isopods, the only crustacean group with representatives in all terrestrial ecosystems ranging from the sea shore to the desert.

  • Producing Table Olives

    Producing Table Olives
    Stan Kailis, David John Harris

    This manual provides olive growers and processors with nationally accepted guidelines for ensuring the quality and safety of processed table olives.

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