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  • The Truth Machine

    The Truth Machine
    Geoffrey C. Bunn

    He examines how the machine emerged as a technology of truth, transporting readers back to the obscure origins of criminology itself, ultimately concluding that the lie detector owes as much to popular culture as it does to factual science.

  • The Carriage Trade

    The Carriage Trade
    Thomas A. Kinney

    Kinney also explores the experiences of the carriage and wagon worker over the life of the industry. Deeply researched and strikingly original, this study contributes a vivid chapter to the story of America's industrial revolution.

  • Failure Is Not an Option

    Failure Is Not an Option
    Gene Kranz

    He reveals behind-the-scenes details to demonstrate the leadership, discipline, trust, and teamwork that made the space program a success.Finally, Kranz reflects on what has happened to the space program and offers his own bold suggestions …

  • Urban Modernity

    Urban Modernity
    Miriam R. Levin, Sophie Forgan, Martina Hessler, Robert H. Kargon, Morris Low

    How Paris, London, Chicago, Berlin, and Tokyo created modernity through science and technology by means of urban planning, international expositions, and museums.

  • America 1908

    America, 1908
    Jim Rasenberger

    A captivating look at a bygone era through the lens of a single, surprisingly momentous American year one century ago. 1908 was the year Henry Ford launched the Model T, the Wright Brothers proved to the world that they had mastered the art …

  • Television

    Alexander B. Magoun

    Explores the history of television, discussing its initial conception, technological changes over the years, and the development of cable television and videotapes.

  • First Man

    First Man
    James R. Hansen

    An authorized portrait of the first astronaut to set foot on the moon sheds light on other aspects of his career, from the honors he received as a naval aviator to the price he and his family paid for his professional dedication.

  • The History of the Telephone

    The History of the Telephone
    Herbert N. Casson

    The disadvantage of being deaf and dumb to all absent persons, which was universal in pre-telephonic days, has now happily been overcome; and I hope that this story of how and by whom it was done will be a welcome addition to American …

  • Power over Peoples

    Power over Peoples
    Daniel R. Headrick

    In Power over Peoples, Daniel Headrick traces the evolution of Western technologies–from muskets and galleons to jet planes and smart bombs–and sheds light on the environmental and social factors that have brought victory in some cases …

  • The Scituate Reservoir

    The Scituate Reservoir
    Raymond A. Wolf

    In 1772, portions of Providence received water through a system of hollowed out logs.

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