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  • Power Struggles

    Power Struggles
    Michael B. Schiffer

    This book examines some of these early applications of electricity.

  • The Rarified Air of the Modern

    The Rarified Air of the Modern
    Willie Hiatt

    In this book, Willie Hiatt shows how politicians, businessmen, and military officials promoted the project as critical to the nation.

  • Linear Algebras

    Linear Algebras
    L. E. Dickson

    Originally published in 1914, this book provides a concise account regarding the theory of linear associative algebras.

  • A History of Control Engineering 1930 1955

    A History of Control Engineering, 1930-1955
    Stuart Bennett

    Following his book on the origin of control engineering (1800-1930 (see separate entry), the author now traces development through the critical period 1930-1955, widely identified as the period of "classical" control theory.

  • Tides

    David Edgar Cartwright

    A history of the study of the tides over two millennia, from Ancient Greeks to present sophisticated space-age techniques.

  • From Tool to Partner

    From Tool to Partner
    Jonathan Grudin

    This is the first comprehensive history of human-computer interaction (HCI).

  • Electronic Media

    Electronic Media
    Norman J. Medoff, Barbara K. Kaye

    Underlying the structure of the book is a “See It Then, See It Now, See It Later? approach that focuses on how past innovations lay the groundwork for changing trends in technology, providing the opportunity and demand for change in both …

  • The Newtonian Revolution

    The Newtonian Revolution
    I. Bernard Cohen

    This volume presents Professor Cohen's original interpretation of the revolution that marked the beginnings of modern science and set Newtonian science as the model for the highest level of achievement in other branches of science.

  • John Dee s Conversations with Angels

    John Dee’s Conversations with Angels
    Deborah E. Harkness

    Professor Harkness contextualizes Dee's angel conversations within the natural philosophical, religious and social contexts of his time. She argues that they represent a continuing development of John Dee's earlier concerns and interests.

  • Failure Is Not an Option

    Failure Is Not an Option
    Gene Kranz

    The author, flight director in NASA's Mission Control, tells of the challenges in space flight from the very early years to the current time and of "his own bold suggestions about what we ought to be doing in space now."–Jacket.

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