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  • Holographic Visions

    Holographic Visions
    Sean Johnston

    This is a history of how the new science of holography developed intellectually, socially and culturally.

  • Holographic Microscopy of Phase Microscopic Objects

    Holographic Microscopy of Phase Microscopic Objects
    Tatyana Tishko, Dmitry Tishko

    This book presents a clear and comprehensive review of the current status of three-dimensional (3D) digital holographic imaging of phase microscopic objects, with insightful discussions on the positive and negative features of classical, …

  • Particle Field Holography

    Particle Field Holography
    Chandra S. Vikram, Brian J. Thompson

    This is the first book to provide a thorough and systematic description of the entire subject of particle field holography.

  • Polarization Holography

    Polarization Holography
    L. Nikolova, P. S. Ramanujam

    Reference for researchers reviewing the developments in this field over the last 15 years.

  • Handbook of Optical Holography

    Handbook of Optical Holography
    H. J. Caulfield

    This book also tackles special problems and application areas of this technology. This text will be valuable to people who want to apply holography—whether to industry, government, health services, education, or research.

  • Techniques and Principles in Three Dimensional Imaging An Introductory Approach

    Techniques and Principles in Three-Dimensional Imaging: An Introductory Approach
    Richardson, Martin

    "This book provides the reader with a concrete understanding of basic principles and pitfalls for 3-D capturing, highlighting stereoscopic imaging systems including holography"–

  • Emergency Medicine Sonography

    Emergency Medicine Sonography
    Dunstan Abraham, Cynthia Silkowski, Charles Odwin

    Filled with high quality sonographic images and written in a clear concise style, this is an essential resource for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practioners, and other health professionals.

  • The Hologram

    The Hologram
    Martin J. Richardson, John D. Wiltshire

    What is a hologram?

  • Optical Holography

    Optical Holography
    Robert Collier

    This book is comprised of 20 chapters and begins with an introduction to concepts that are basic to understanding holography, from interference patterns and diffraction to hologram formation, basic holography equations, and partial …

  • America as Second Creation

    America as Second Creation
    David E. Nye

    In this book David Nye explores the stories that clustered around these technologies. In doing so, he rediscovers an American story of origins, with America conceived as a second creation built in harmony with God's first creation.

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