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  • Ultrasound of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

    Ultrasound of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
    Robert A. Sofferman, Anil T. Ahuja

    This highly illustrated book, complete with comprehensive clinical references and annotated images, will serve as a leading text to educate head and neck surgeons, endocrinologists, and radiologists on the basics and nuances of thyroid and …

  • Holographic Microscopy of Phase Microscopic Objects

    Holographic Microscopy of Phase Microscopic Objects
    Tatyana Tishko, Dmitry Tishko

    This book presents a clear and comprehensive review of the current status of three-dimensional (3D) digital holographic imaging of phase microscopic objects, with insightful discussions on the positive and negative features of classical, …

  • Particle Field Holography

    Particle Field Holography
    Chandra S. Vikram, Brian J. Thompson

    This is the first book to provide a thorough and systematic description of the entire subject of particle field holography.

  • Acoustical Imaging Volume 19

    Acoustical Imaging, Volume 19
    Helmut Ermert, Hans-Peter Harjes

  • Acoustical Imaging Volume 24

    Acoustical Imaging, Volume 24
    Hua Lee

    The International Symposium of Acoustical Imaging has been widely recognized as the premier forum for presentations of advanced research result in both theoretical and experimental development.

  • Polarization Holography

    Polarization Holography
    L. Nikolova, P. S. Ramanujam

    Reference for researchers reviewing the developments in this field over the last 15 years.

  • Magda EDM Live Stage

    Magda : EDM Live Stage
    Corvin Dhali

    ECKOHAUS.EU In 2011, we were asked for development and technical insights for the potential production of a 3D Holographic – Transportable Live Stage, for EDM Music.

  • Acoustical Imaging Volume 29

    Acoustical Imaging, Volume 29
    Iwaki Akiyama

    Offering both a broad perspective on the state-of-the-art in the field as well as an in-depth look at its leading edge research, this Volume 29 in the Series contains again an excellent collection of seventy papers presented in nine major …

  • Handbook of Optical Holography

    Handbook of Optical Holography
    H. J. Caulfield

    This book also tackles special problems and application areas of this technology. This text will be valuable to people who want to apply holography—whether to industry, government, health services, education, or research.

  • Techniques and Principles in Three Dimensional Imaging An Introductory Approach

    Techniques and Principles in Three-Dimensional Imaging: An Introductory Approach
    Richardson, Martin

    "This book provides the reader with a concrete understanding of basic principles and pitfalls for 3-D capturing, highlighting stereoscopic imaging systems including holography"–

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