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  • Practical Guide to Low Voltage Directive

    Practical Guide to Low Voltage Directive
    Gregg Kervill

    This book provides essential and informative reading for company directors, engineers, designers and students designing, manufacturing or studying the design of electrical products covered by the Low Voltage Directive.

  • Understanding DC Circuits

    Understanding DC Circuits
    Dale Patrick, Stephen Fardo

    Understanding DC Circuits covers the first half of a basic electronic circuits theory course, integrating theory and laboratory practice into a single text.

  • Intelligent Mechatronic Systems

    Intelligent Mechatronic Systems
    Rochdi Merzouki, Arun Kumar Samantaray, Pushparaj Mani Pathak, Belkacem Ould Bouamama

    Acting as a support resource for practitioners and professionals looking to advance their understanding of complex mechatronic systems, Intelligent Mechatronic Systems explains their design and recent developments from first principles to …

  • Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers

    Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers
    Jiri George Drobny

    Copiously illustrated and full of applicable processing and engineering data, this is the very definition of a ""definitive"" user's guide.

  • Elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe

    Elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe
    Andreas Binder

    Sie sind durchgerechnet, versehen mit Fragestellung und Lösungsweg und durch Abbildungen illustriert. Diese Aufgabensammlung begleitet das neu erschienene Lehrbuch Elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe desselben Autors.

  • Simplified Design of Switching Power Supplies

    Simplified Design of Switching Power Supplies
    John Lenk

    Step-by-step instructions and diagrams render this book essential for the student and the experimenter, as well as the design professional. Simplified Design of Switching Power Supplies concentrates on the use of IC regulators.

  • Shaft Alignment Handbook Second Edition

    Shaft Alignment Handbook, Second Edition
    John Piotrowski

    This work offers essential, step-by-step guidelines for solving complex alignment tasks quickly and accurately.

  • Intelligent Textiles and Clothing for Ballistic and NBC Protection

    Intelligent Textiles and Clothing for Ballistic and NBC Protection
    Paul Kiekens, Sundaresan Jayaraman

    This volume describes the latest developments in protective clothing against nearly any kind of threat for both military and civilians.

  • Engineering Design Principles

    Engineering Design Principles
    Ken Hurst

    The comprehensive coverage of this text makes it invaluable to all undergraduates requiring a firm foundation in the subject.

  • The Automotive Chassis

    The Automotive Chassis
    Giancarlo Genta, L. Morello

    The aim of the book is to be a reference book in automotive technology, as far as automotive chassis (i.e. everything that is inside a vehicle except the engine and the body) is concerned.

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