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  • Some Industrial Chemicals

    Some Industrial Chemicals
    IARC Working Group on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans, International Agency for Research on Cancer, World Health Organization

    Evaluates or re-evaluates the carcinogenic risks to humans posed by exposure to sixteen organic industrial chemicals.

  • Television

    Alexander B. Magoun

    Explores the history of television, discussing its initial conception, technological changes over the years, and the development of cable television and videotapes.

  • Enhancing Productivity Growth in the Information Age

    Enhancing Productivity Growth in the Information Age
    National Research Council, Policy and Global Affairs, Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy, Committee on Measuring and Sustaining the New Economy

    Accompanied by four workshop reports, this summary volume describes the steps required to better measure and sustain the benefits of this “new economy†in the sectors examined.

  • Tiger Economies Under Threat

    Tiger Economies Under Threat
    Shahid Yusuf, Kaoru Nabeshima

    This book tackles these questions by means of a comparative analysis of the Southeast Asian tiger economies, centered on Malaysia.

  • National Innovation Indicators and Policy

    National Innovation, Indicators and Policy
    L. Earl

    This book takes stock of what is known about the process of innovation and its effects, and the policy interventions that influence both.

  • Hyper beings

    Rick Hayes-Roth

    Advancing technology and globalization are feeding the growth of organizations of unprecedented size, power, and superiority. These vast human-machine systems are becoming the Earth's dominant new species.

  • Manufacturing Systems

    Manufacturing Systems
    Committee on Foundations of Manufacturing, National Academy of Engineering

    Executives, managers, engineers, researchers, faculty, and students will find this book an essential tool for guiding this nation's businesses toward developing more competitive manufacturing systems.

  • The Handbook of Innovation and Services

    The Handbook of Innovation and Services
    F. Gallouj, F. Djellal

    'This book represents a significant step towards dealing with the lacuna constituted by the inadequacy of the literature on the services. And, as such, it approaches its task from a variety of directions.

  • Networks Alliances and Partnerships in the Innovation Process

    Networks, Alliances and Partnerships in the Innovation Process
    John de la Mothe, Albert N. Link

    By looking at the dynamics of these strategic organizational activities, leading authors in the field examine, in this book, how firms align themselves, how they use networks and enter into partnerships in order to develop new or radically …

  • Visionary Manufacturing Challenges for 2020

    Visionary Manufacturing Challenges for 2020
    Committee on Visionary Manufacturing Challenges, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Research Council

    Manufacturing will unquestionably be a very different enterprise in 2020 from what it is today. This book presents an exciting picture of the profitable and productive potential of manufacturing two decades hence.

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