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  • Ohne Panik Str mungsmechanik

    Ohne Panik Strömungsmechanik!
    Jann Strybny

    Das Verständnis der Strömungsmechanik (Hydromechanik) ist in Technik und Umweltwissenschaften unverzichtbar.

  • Single Sided NMR

    Single-Sided NMR
    Federico Casanova, Juan Perlo, Bernhard Blümich

    This book describes the design of the first functioning single-sided tomograph, the related measurement methods, and a number of applications in medicine, materials science, and chemical engineering.

  • Vibration and Structural Acoustics Analysis

    Vibration and Structural Acoustics Analysis
    C.M.A. Vasques, J. Dias Rodrigues

    In order to make it easy for developers and technology end-users to follow the latest developments and news in the field, this book collects into a single volume selected, extended, updated and revised versions of papers presented at the …

  • Mechatronic Systems

    Mechatronic Systems
    El-Kébir Boukas, Fouad M. Al-Sunni

    This book deals with the analysis, the design and the implementation of the mechatronic systems.

  • Metrics Based Process Mapping

    Metrics-Based Process Mapping
    Karen Martin, Mike Osterling

    Building on the success of its popular predecessor, Metrics-Based Process Mapping: An Excel-Based Solution, this book takes readers to the next level in understanding processes and process improvement.

  • Make or Break How Manufacturers Can Leap from Decline to Revitalization

    Make or Break: How Manufacturers Can Leap from Decline to Revitalization
    Kaj Grichnik, Conrad Winkler, Jeffrey Rothfeder

    This is the book to read before starting to reinvent your next-generation manufacturing."–THIERRY CHICHE, vice president of manufacturing, Michelin Europe "I loved the extremely wide scope of Make or Break.

  • Dynamic Behavior of Materials

    Dynamic Behavior of Materials
    Marc A. Meyers

    Addresses fundamentals and advanced topics relevant to the behavior of materials under in-service conditions such as impact, shock, stress and high-strain rate deformations.

  • Technischer L rmschutz

    Technischer Lärmschutz
    Werner Schirmer

    B. Adaptronik), aber konzeptionelle Fortsetzung des zuletzt 1996 im VDI-Verlag erschienenen Buches dar. Unter dem 1971 bis 1979 geführten Titel "Lärmbekämpfung" ist es in ganz Deutschland seit langem bekannt.

  • Innovative Developments in Design and Manufacturing

    Innovative Developments in Design and Manufacturing
    Paulo Jorge da Silva Bartolo, Mateus Artur Jorge, Fernando da Conceicao Batista, Henrique Amorim Almeida, Joao Manuel Matias, Joel Correia Vasco, Jorge Brites Gaspar, Mario Antonio Correia, Nuno Carpinteiro Andre, Nuno Fernandes Alves, Paulo Parente Novo, Pedro Goncalves Martinho, Rui Adriano Carvalho

    Includes 110 peer reviewed papers covering: 1. Biomanufacturing, 2. CAD and 3D data acquisition technologies, 3. Materials, 4. Rapid tooling and manufacturing, 5. Advanced rapid prototyping technologies and nanofabrication, 6.

  • Tribology of Abrasive Machining Processes

    Tribology of Abrasive Machining Processes
    Ioan D. Marinescu, W. Brian Rowe, Boris Dimitrov, Hitoshi Ohmori

    This book draws upon the science of tribology to understand, predict and improve abrasive machining processes.

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