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  • Bioactive Glasses

    Bioactive Glasses
    Gurbinder Kaur

    This book describes the history, origin and basic characteristics of bioactive materials.

  • Principles of Chemical Vapor Deposition

    Principles of Chemical Vapor Deposition
    Daniel Dobkin, M.K. Zuraw

    This book is as simple as possible while still retaining the essential physics and chemistry. The book is generously illustrated to assist the reader in forming the mental images which are the basis of understanding.

  • Developments in Crystalline Polymers‚ 2

    Developments in Crystalline Polymers‚ÄĒ2
    David C. Bassett

    The developments recorded in this volume reflect this situation. Chapter 1 is a comprehensive review of the polymer PHB, poly(hydroxybutyrate), which is new to industrial manufacturing but is a naturally occurring substance.

  • Smart Biomaterials

    Smart Biomaterials
    Mitsuhiro Ebara, Yohei Kotsuchibashi, Ravin Narain, Naokazu Idota, Young-Jin Kim, John M. Hoffman, Koichiro Uto, Takao Aoyagi

    This book provides comprehensive coverage of smart biomaterials and their potential applications, a field that is developing at a very rapid pace.

  • Principles of Engineering Manufacture

    Principles of Engineering Manufacture
    V. Chiles, S. Black, A. Lissaman, S. Martin

    The third edition of this text, formerly known as Principles of Engineering Production, has been thoroughly revised and updated and continues to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the technical considerations for the entire …

  • Flat Rolled Steel Processes

    Flat-Rolled Steel Processes
    Vladimir B. Ginzburg

    Providing expert insight and analysis related to technological improvements, this book will help readers understand the current state of flat steel production, how it evolved, and its future direction.

  • MES Kompendium

    J√ľrgen Kletti, Rainer Deisenroth

    Das Buch gibt am Beispiel HYDRA einen √úberblick √ľber die Funktionalit√§ten von Manufacturing-Execution-Systemen.

  • Welding Engineering

    Welding Engineering
    David H. Phillips

    Provides an introduction to all of the important topics in welding engineering.

  • Engineering Design Principles

    Engineering Design Principles
    Ken Hurst

    The comprehensive coverage of this text makes it invaluable to all undergraduates requiring a firm foundation in the subject.

  • Parallel Robotic Machine Tools

    Parallel Robotic Machine Tools
    Dan Zhang

    Provide a large numbers of case studies and numerical analyses that will help readers understand and apply the material presented in the book.

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