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    「サッカーを観るとき、どんなところに注目していますか?」サッカー元日本代表で、現在ではその説明のわかりやすさから、最も注目されるサッカー解説者である福西崇史さん …

  • Transforming logistics support for fast jets

    Transforming logistics support for fast jets
    Great Britain: National Audit Office

    Since 2003, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has changed its arrangements for providing logistics support for its Harrier and Tornado fast jet aircraft by rationalising the activity and location of its maintenance and repair services.

  • Military Power

    Military Power
    Stephen Biddle

    The prevailing answer today among both scholars and policymakers is yes. But this is to overlook force employment, or the doctrine and tactics by which materiel is actually used.

  • Shaping Strategy

    Shaping Strategy
    Risa Brooks

    This book is an important contribution to the study of civil-military relations and strategic decision making."–Michael Desch, Texas A&M University

  • Chinese Industrial Espionage

    Chinese Industrial Espionage
    William C. Hannas, James Mulvenon, Anna B. Puglisi

    Written by two of America's leading government analysts and an expert on Chinese cyber networks, this new book is the first full account, inside or outside government, of China's efforts to acquire foreign technology.

  • How the Weak Win Wars

    How the Weak Win Wars
    Ivan Arreguín-Toft

    Using statistical and in-depth historical analyses of conflicts spanning two hundred years, in this 2005 book Ivan Arregin-Toft shows that, independent of regime type and weapons technology, the interaction of similar strategic approaches …

  • Military Psychologists Desk Reference

    Military Psychologists’ Desk Reference
    Bret A. Moore, Jeffrey E. Barnett

    Military Psychologists' Desk Reference is the authoritative guide in the field of military mental health, covering in a clear and concise manner the depth and breadth of this expanding area at a pivotal and relevant time.

  • Appeasing Bankers

    Appeasing Bankers
    Jonathan Kirshner

    This book is a tremendous accomplishment."–Louis W. Pauly, University of Toronto "Appeasing Bankers makes a pathbreaking contribution to the study of conflict in international relations.

  • The Day the Sun Rose Twice

    The Day the Sun Rose Twice
    Ferenc Morton Szasz

    Traces the history of the world's first atomic detonation 'In this tightly focused, lucidly written and thoroughly researched book, Ferenc Morton Szasz, a professor of history at the University of New Mexico, describes the events, …

  • War Before Civilization

    War Before Civilization
    Lawrence H. Keeley

    Offering a devastating rebuttal to the comfortable myth that prehistoric warfare was rare, harmless, and unimportant, Lawrence H. Keeley's groundbreaking "War Before Civilization" debunks the notion that warfare was introduced to primitive …

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