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  • Gresford

    Stanley Williamson

    Stanley Williamson’s account draws on his own interviews with the bereaved and those involved in the rescue, as well as the reports of the subsequent inquiry and the records of the North Wales Miners’ Association.

  • Building a Foundation for Sound Environmental Decisions

    Building a Foundation for Sound Environmental Decisions
    National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Commission on Geosciences, Environment and Resources, Committee on Research Opportunities and Priorities for EPA

    This volume describes a framework for acquiring the knowledge needed both to solve current recognized problems and to be prepared for the kinds of problems likely to emerge in the future.

  • Practical Conservation Biology

    Practical Conservation Biology
    David Lindenmayer, Mark Burgman

    The book reflects the latest thinking on key topics such as extinction risks, losses of genetic variability, threatening processes, fire effects, landscape fragmentation, habitat loss and vegetation clearing, reserve design, sustainable …

  • Introduction to Seismology

    Introduction to Seismology
    Peter M. Shearer

    This book provides an approachable and concise introduction to seismic theory, designed as a first course for undergraduate students.

  • Mineral Processing Design

    Mineral Processing Design
    Baki Yarar, Z.M. Dogan

  • Indigenous People and the Pilbara Mining Boom

    Indigenous People and the Pilbara Mining Boom
    John Taylor, B. Scambary

    The largest escalation of mining activity in Australian history is currently underway in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

  • Idaho s Bunker Hill

    Idaho’s Bunker Hill
    Katherine G. Aiken

    A richly detailed history traces the evolution of one of the premier mining and smelting corporations in the United States, from the discovery of the mine in 1885 to the company's closure in 1981, where it is now one of the EPA's largest …

  • Dictionary of Petroleum Exploration Drilling Production

    Dictionary of Petroleum Exploration, Drilling & Production
    Norman J. Hyne

    The most comprehensive upstream petroleum dictionary ever published.

  • Three dimensional Electromagnetics Volume 7

    Three-dimensional Electromagnetics, Volume 7
    Michael L. Oristaglio, Brian R. Spies

    This book covers major techniques being used today to compute, analyze, visualize, and understand 3D electromagnetic fields in every major application of electrical geophysics.

  • Blowout

    Robert Orrell

    Robert Orrell is a writer with a special interest in the off-shore oil industry.

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