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  • Fourier Transformation for Pedestrians

    Fourier Transformation for Pedestrians
    Tilman Butz

    Including many illustrations and easy-to-solve exercises Presents serious science in an amusing way Meant to serve an "entertaining textbook," this book belongs to a rare genre.

  • Three Dimensional Television

    Three-Dimensional Television
    Haldun M. Ozaktas, Levent Onural

    This book is the condensed result of an extensive European project developing the future of 3D-Television.

  • Error Correction Codes for Non Volatile Memories

    Error Correction Codes for Non-Volatile Memories
    Rino Micheloni, A. Marelli, R. Ravasio

    Nowadays it is hard to find an electronic device which does not use codes: for example, we listen to music via heavily encoded audio CD's and we watch movies via encoded DVD's.

  • Fast Electrical and Optical Measurements

    Fast Electrical and Optical Measurements
    D.J. Thompson, Lawrence H. Luessen

    Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Fast Electrical and Optical Diagnostic Principles and Techniques, Il Ciocco, Castelvecchio Pascoli, Italy, July 10-24, 1983

  • The Physics of Thin Film Optical Spectra

    The Physics of Thin Film Optical Spectra
    Olaf Stenzel

    Who can bene?t from reading this book? 2. What is the origin of the particular material selection in this book? 3. Who encouraged and supported me in writing this book?

  • WDM Mesh Networks

    WDM Mesh Networks
    Hui Zang

    Network designers and planners, and research and development engineers active in the field of telecommunications will find this book especially useful.

  • Energy Transfer Dynamics in Biomaterial Systems

    Energy Transfer Dynamics in Biomaterial Systems
    Irene Burghardt, V. May, David A. Micha, E. R. Bittner

    The role of quantum coherence in promoting the e ciency of the initial stages of photosynthesis is an open and intriguing question.

  • Dissemination of Information in Optical Networks

    Dissemination of Information in Optical Networks:
    Subir Bandyopadhyay

    This book offers a broad overview of techniques used in the design of Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) networks for efficient dissemination of information in computer networks.

  • State of the Art in Content Based Image and Video Retrieval

    State-of-the-Art in Content-Based Image and Video Retrieval
    Remco C. Veltkamp, Hans Burkhardt, Hans-Peter Kriegel

    This book contains a selection of results that was presented at the Dagstuhl Seminar on Content-Based Image and Video Retrieval, in December 1999.

  • Optical Fiber Sensor Technology

    Optical Fiber Sensor Technology
    L.S. Grattan, B.T. Meggitt

    To that end, this volume has been planned and carefully designed to provide an essential overview, and detailed specific information, on those novel and exciting aspects of optical fiber sensor technology that have recently emerged, with …

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