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  • Allelopathy

    Zahid A. Cheema, Muhammad Farooq, Abdul Wahid

    In this book, leading scientists in the field synthesize latest developments in allelopathy research with a special emphasis on its application in sustainable agriculture.

  • Invasive Alien Species

    Invasive Alien Species
    RĂ¼diger Wittenberg, Matthew J. W. Cock

    Its goal is to improve prevention and management of biological invasions, and this book represents a key outcome.

  • A Guide to the Cockroaches of Australia

    A Guide to the Cockroaches of Australia
    David Rentz

    The book reveals their diversity and beauty, it looks in detail at their morphology, habitats and ecology, and explains how to collect and preserve them.

  • Biological Control of Weeds in Australia

    Biological Control of Weeds in Australia
    Jim Cullen, Mic Julien, Rachel McFadyen

    This book reviews biological control of weeds in Australia to 2011, covering over 90 weed species and a multitude of biological control agents and potential agents.

  • Contemporary Insect Diagnostics

    Contemporary Insect Diagnostics
    Timothy J. Gibb

    Contemporary Insect Diagnostics aids entomologists as they negotiate the expectations and potential dangers of the practice.

  • Aphids on the World s Herbaceous Plants and Shrubs 2 Volume Set

    Aphids on the World’s Herbaceous Plants and Shrubs, 2 Volume Set
    R. L. Blackman, Victor F. Eastop

    Following the successful format of previous books on the world's aphids by the same authors, these two volumes provide a comprehensive species-by-species account of the aphids on the world's herbaceous plants and shrubs.

  • Canary in the Courtroom

    Canary in the Courtroom
    Jessie MacLeod

    This book is a must-read for anyone concerned about product safety and for anyone in the mood for a good courtroom drama.

  • Integrated Pest Management for Crops and Pastures

    Integrated Pest Management for Crops and Pastures
    Paul Anthony Horne, Jessica Page

    This book describes in straightforward language what is required for farmers to successfully implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in cropping and grazing operations.

  • Hayes Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology Volume 1

    Hayes’ Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology, Volume 1

    The Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology is a comprehensive, two-volume reference guide to the properties, effects, and regulation of pesticides that provides the latest and most complete information to researchers investigating the …

  • Entomology and Pest Management

    Entomology and Pest Management
    Larry P. Pedigo, Marlin E. Rice

    Insect diagnostic boxes with detailed information on distribution, importance, appearance, and life cycles of particular species and groups appear throughout the text.

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