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  • A Leader s Journey to Quality

    A Leader’s Journey to Quality

    This intriguing book clarifies the economic issues surrounding the structuring, reporting, and analyzing of quality costs to eliminate squandering resources; outlines a formula for creating a quality vision that all employees can comprehend …

  • Chemical Electrostatics

    Chemical Electrostatics
    Fernando Galembeck, Thiago A. L. Burgo

    This book provides new clues for understanding electrostatic charging in solids and liquids, resulting from the surge of research in this active area of science that is taking place since the 1990's but is still largely unknown to most …


    Gabriele Arcidiacono, Stefano Rossi, Claudio Calabrese

    E’ coordinatore e docente di attività Kaizen. Stefano Rossi: Ingegnere Energetico, esperto di Affidabilità e tematiche legate alla progettazione: ha svolto progetti Six Sigma in ambito Formula 1.

  • Ergonomics and Human Factors in Safety Management

    Ergonomics and Human Factors in Safety Management
    Pedro Miguel Ferreira Martins Arezes, Paulo Victor Rodrigues de Carvalho

    This book offers: · Examples of field practices that can be reproduced in other scenarios · Applications of new methods for risk assessment · Methods on how to apply and integrate human factors and ergonomics in accident prevention and …

  • Selenium WebDriver Recipes in C

    Selenium WebDriver Recipes in C#
    Zhimin Zhan

    Solve your Selenium WebDriver problems with this quick guide to automated testing of web applications with Selenium WebDriver in C#. Selenium WebDriver Recipes in C#, Second Edition contains hundreds of solutions to real-world problems, …

  • Springer Handbook of Engineering Statistics

    Springer Handbook of Engineering Statistics
    Hoang Pham

    This book gathers together the full range of statistical techniques required by engineers from all fields.

  • Reliability of Electronic Components

    Reliability of Electronic Components
    Titu-Marius Bajenescu, Marius I. Bazu

    The objective of this book is to better understand why components fail, addressing the needs of engineers who will apply reliability principles in design, manufacture, testing, and field service.

  • Reliability and Risk Models

    Reliability and Risk Models
    M. T. Todinov

    This book describes a radically new approach and technology for setting reliability requirements based on minimum failure-free operating periods (MFFOP technology).

  • Aviation Risk and Safety Management

    Aviation Risk and Safety Management
    Roland Müller, Andreas Wittmer, Christopher Drax

    The book shows how to build a system with reasonable effort, appropriate to the size and complexity of the specific operator. It also gives inputs on the key aspects and how to effectively operate such a system with the various interfaces.

  • A Guide to Continuous Improvement Transformation

    A Guide to Continuous Improvement Transformation
    Aristide van Aartsengel, Selahattin Kurtoglu

    This book enables enterprise business leaders – from CEOs to supervisors – to understand what "Continuous Improvement" is, why it is probably the best answer to improved business performance in years, and how to put it to work in the unique …

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