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  • Ultra Wideband Short Pulse Electromagnetics 8

    Ultra-Wideband Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 8
    Carl E. Baum, Alexander P. Stone, J. Scott Tyo

    Topical areas covered in this volume include pulse radiation and measurement, scattering theory, target detection and identification, antennas, signal processing, and communications.

  • Microstrip Antennas

    Microstrip Antennas
    David M. Pozar, Daniel H. Schaubert

    Covering theory, design and modeling techniques and methods, this source book is an excellent reference tool for engineers who want to become more familiar with microstrip antennas and microwave systems.

  • Britain s Shield

    Britain’s Shield
    David Zimmerman

    The history of radar and the crucial role it played in Britain's air defences during World War II from an expert in warfare technology.

  • Radar Cross Section Second Edition

    Radar Cross Section, Second Edition
    Eugene F. Knott, John Shaeffer, Michael Tuley

    The leading text and reference on radar cross section (RCS) theory and applications, this work presents a comparison of two radar signal strengths.

  • Tactical Communications for the Digitized Battlefield

    Tactical Communications for the Digitized Battlefield
    Michael J. Ryan, Michael R. Frater

    This book presents an architecture for this network, and shows how its subsystems can be integrated to form a single logical network.

  • Target Detection by Marine Radar

    Target Detection by Marine Radar
    John N. Briggs

    The book is fully illustrated and contains worked examples to help the reader understand the principles underlying radar operation and to quantify the importance of factors such as the technical features of specific equipment, the weather, …

  • Multiantenna Digital Radio Transmission

    Multiantenna Digital Radio Transmission
    Massimiliano Martone

    This ground-breaking work focuses on a new digital radio architecture now emerging as a key technology in the wireless industry and in the third generation of cellular communications.

  • Robotic Navigation and Mapping with Radar

    Robotic Navigation and Mapping with Radar
    Martin Adams, Ebi Jose

    This unique book demonstrates probabilistic radar models and detection algorithms specifically for robotic land vehicles. It examines grid based robotic mapping with radar based on measurement likelihood estimation.

  • Space Time Adaptive Processing for Radar Second Edition

    Space-Time Adaptive Processing for Radar, Second Edition
    J.R. Guerci

    In addition, this second edition adds brand new coverage on “STAP on Transmit” and “Knowledge-Aided STAP (KA-STAP).

  • Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging With MATLAB Algorithms

    Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging With MATLAB Algorithms
    Caner Ozdemir

    This book provides a full representation of Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) imagery, which is a popular and important radar signal processing tool. The book covers all possible aspects of ISAR imaging.

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