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  • Protecting Individual Privacy in the Struggle Against Terrorists

    Protecting Individual Privacy in the Struggle Against Terrorists
    National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, Division on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Committee on National Statistics, Committee on Law and Justice, Committee on Technical and Privacy Dimensions of Information for Terrorism Prevention and Other National Goals

    The book urges Congress to re-examine existing privacy law to assess how privacy can be protected in current and future programs and recommends that any individuals harmed by violations of privacy be given a meaningful form of redress.

  • Geo information for Disaster Management

    Geo-information for Disaster Management
    Peter van Oosterom, Siyka Zlatanova, Elfriede Fendel

    This book provides a broad overview of geo-information technology, software, systems needed, currently used and to be developed for disaster management.

  • Infrared Thermography

    Infrared Thermography
    Waldemar Minkina, Sebastian Dudzik

    This book is also of interest to senior undergraduate and postgraduate students across a range of disciplines such as electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, computer science, and biomedicine.

  • Fundamentals of Computational Geoscience

    Fundamentals of Computational Geoscience
    Chongbin Zhao, Bruce E. Hobbs, Alison Ord

    This monograph aims to provide state-of-the-art numerical methods, procedures and algorithms in the field of computational geoscience, based on the authors’ own work during the last decade.

  • Statistical Analysis of Environmental Space Time Processes

    Statistical Analysis of Environmental Space-Time Processes
    Nhu D. Le, James V. Zidek

    This book provides a broad introduction to the subject of environmental space-time processes, addressing the role of uncertainty.

  • Spatial Inequalities

    Spatial Inequalities
    John R Weeks, Allan G. Hill, Justin Stoler

    This book provides a fresh analysis of the demography, health and well-being of a major African city. It brings a range of disciplinary approaches to bear on the pressing topics of urban poverty, urban health inequalities and urban growth.

  • Medium Range Weather Prediction

    Medium-Range Weather Prediction
    Austin Woods

    This book provides an overview of the early years of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, and reviews the work of the institute over the past 30 years, describing along the way the European approach to medium-range …

  • Sensor Modelling Design and Data Processing for Autonomous Navigation

    Sensor Modelling, Design and Data Processing for Autonomous Navigation
    Martin David Adams

    This invaluable book presents an unbiased framework for modelling and using sensors to aid mobile robot navigation.

  • Conceptual Modeling for Traditional and Spatio Temporal Applications

    Conceptual Modeling for Traditional and Spatio-Temporal Applications
    Christine Parent, Stefano Spaccapietra, Esteban Zimányi

    This book shows that a conceptual design approach for spatio-temporal databases is both feasible and easy to apprehend.

  • Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Models

    Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Models
    Neven Kresic, Alex Mikszewski

    Written by expert practitioners, this full-color book illustrates how fundamental hydrogeological concepts are translated into quantitative, high-resolution computer visualizations.

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