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    Stephanie Ricker Schulte

    Schulte illustrates the conflicting and indirect ways in which culture and policy combined to produce this transformative technology. Stephanie Ricker Schulte is an Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Arkansas.

  • A Parliament of Science

    A Parliament of Science
    Michael Tobias, Teun Timmers, Gill Wright

    Interviews with scientific leaders focus on the challenges, promises, and perils of science and technology.

  • Presenting Futures

    Presenting Futures
    Erik Fisher, Cynthia Selin, Jameson Wetmore

    The chapters in this volume document various approaches to the future and how contemporary cultural conceptions about science, technology, and society are created and ultimately influence our own cognitive frames, social contests, and …

  • Distance Learning and University Effectiveness Changing Educational Paradigms for Online Learning

    Distance Learning and University Effectiveness: Changing Educational Paradigms for Online Learning
    Howard, Caroline

    From discussing new and innovative educational paradigms and learning models resulting from ICTs to addressing future student needs and international issues, this book provides comprehensive coverage of the paradigm, teaching, technology …

  • The Cyborg Experiments

    The Cyborg Experiments
    Joanna Zylinska

    In this way the book explores how humanism, and ideas of "the human", have been placed under increasing scrutiny as a result of new developments in science, media and communications.Contributors:John Appleby, Rachel Armstrong, Fred Botting, …

  • Technology for Facilitating Humanity and Combating Social Deviations Interdisciplinary Perspectives

    Technology for Facilitating Humanity and Combating Social Deviations: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
    Vargas Martin, Miguel

    This book provides historical backgrounds, experimental studies, and future perspectives on the use of computing tools to prevent and deal with physical, psychological and social problems that impact society as a whole.

  • Computers Human Interaction and Organizations

    Computers, Human Interaction, and Organizations
    Vicente Berdayes

    Analyzes the interplay between human interaction, organizations, and the process of computerization, while illuminating the social and political nature of computerization.

  • Research and Knowledge at Work

    Research and Knowledge at Work
    John Garrick, Carl Rhodes

    Leading experts from North America, Japan, Britain and Australia illustrate both practice and theory issues, making this a valuable resource for all those concerned with continuing professional development.

  • Massively Networked

    Massively Networked
    Pamela Lund

    Massively Networked, a groundbreaking new book by practical visionary Pamela Lund, shows you how to engage this emerging force to create the lifestyle, the future, and the reality you want.

  • American Technology Policy

    American Technology Policy
    J. D. Kenneth Boutin

    J. D. Kenneth Boutin examines recent trends and developments in American technology policy as it strives to support high-technology firms without undermining national security.

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