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  • Smart Hydrogel Modelling

    Smart Hydrogel Modelling
    Hua Li

    This is a very time-consuming and inef?cient process, and certain aspects of fun- mental knowledge are often missed or overlooked, resulting in off-tangent research directions.

  • Single Sided NMR

    Single-Sided NMR
    Federico Casanova, Juan Perlo, Bernhard Bl├╝mich

    This book describes the design of the first functioning single-sided tomograph, the related measurement methods, and a number of applications in medicine, materials science, and chemical engineering.

  • Polymers on the Crime Scene

    Polymers on the Crime Scene
    Valerio Causin

    This book approaches the analysis of forensic contact traces from a polymer science perspective.

  • Lubricating Polymer Surfaces

    Lubricating Polymer Surfaces
    Yoshikimi Uyama

    The aim of this book is to describe the principle of lubrication, to outline a variety of methods for attaining a lubricous surface, and to describe the characteristics and properties of such lubricous surfaces.

  • Carbon Management

    Carbon Management:
    Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology, Chemical Sciences Roundtable, National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications

  • 3 D Fibrous Assemblies

    3-D Fibrous Assemblies
    Jinlian Hu

    The book begins with an introductory chapter which defines the concepts and types of 3D fibrous assemblies. The book then discusses how 3D fabrics can be applied in textile products.

  • Star and Hyperbranched Polymers

    Star and Hyperbranched Polymers
    Munmaya Mishra, Shiro Kobayashi

    Synthesizing the raw data needed for a wide variety of industrial applications, this work supplies up-to-date advanced in research on star, hyperbranched and dendritic polymers.

  • Intelligent Macromolecules for Smart Devices

    Intelligent Macromolecules for Smart Devices
    Liming Dai

    Liming Dai presents the latest work on many newly-discovered intelligent macromolecular systems and reviews their uses in nano-devices.

  • Thermal Oxidation of Polymer Blends

    Thermal Oxidation of Polymer Blends
    Lyudmila Shibryaeva, Anatoly Popov, Gennady Zaikov

    The aim of this book is to elucidate the complicated problem concerning the connection between the structure and mechanism of oxidation of heterogeneous and heterophase polymer systems.

  • Forces Growth and Form in Soft Condensed Matter At the Interface Between Physics and Biology

    Forces, Growth and Form in Soft Condensed Matter: At the Interface Between Physics and Biology
    Arne Skjeltorp, A.V. Belushkin

    The book reviews the current experimental and theoretical knowledge of the synergism between modern physics, soft condensed matter and biology, presenting a thorough discussion of the relative role of the various fundamental interactions in …

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