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  • Questions When Buying a Car

    Questions When Buying a Car
    Stephen Edwards

    Are the miles per gallon as advertised really true? Buying a car is often the second largest purchase you are likely to make. This book could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the many cars you will buy in your lifetime.

  • Camaro Firebird GM s Power Twins

    Camaro & Firebird – GM’s Power Twins
    Staff of Old Cars Weekly

    In Camaro and Firebird: GM's Power Twins, muscle car expert John Gunnell traces the year-by-year development of both legendary cars.

  • All Around the Track

    All Around the Track
    Anne B. Jones, Rex White

    From authors Anne Jones and former NASCAR champion Rex White, here are oral histories of more than 50 individuals from stock car and drag racing’s not-so-distant past and present.

  • Buying Used Vehicles

    Buying Used Vehicles
    Garland F. Sommer

    This is of course assuming that they decide to buy something new instead of "pre owned." This book is designed to assist the average buyer into the wonderful world of used vehicle purchasing.

  • Chevy LS Engine Buildups

    Chevy LS Engine Buildups
    Cam Benty

    A compilation of 50 performance articles from the editors of Super Chevy, Chevy High Performance, and GM High-Tech Performance magazines on how to build maximum power and performance on the Chevy LS family of small-block engines.

  • British Sports Cars in America 1946 1981

    British Sports Cars in America 1946-1981
    J. Stein

    British Sports Cars In America 1946-1981 Jonathan A. Stein The intriguing tale of the meteoric rise and fall of British marques in America following WWII.

  • Crash

    John Gunnell

    " This gift-sized guide features the biggest collection of the most spectacular and sometimes humorous traffic accidents in automotive history.

  • 2 Cents a Gallon

    2 Cents a Gallon
    L. Samuel

    This short but intriguing book takes a look at the way engines suck from an overly obsessive kids' perpective.

  • A Chrysler Chronicle

    A Chrysler Chronicle
    Dave Floyd

    In this book he traces every step of restoring a long-neglected 1948 Chrysler New Yorker to its original glory, all on a real-world budget and in the spare hours left by a full-time job.

  • Survive Your Drive A Survival Guide for Driving in the New Millenium

    Survive Your Drive: A Survival Guide for Driving in the New Millenium
    Richard H. Freer

    God wanted a family He could shower with love, and affection of Himself. All scripture references in this book are from the King James Bible. This book will show God's heart for His family.

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