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  • Awal Kedirgantaraan di Indonesia

    Awal Kedirgantaraan di Indonesia
    Dra. Irna H.N. Hadi Soewito, Dr. Nana Nurliana Suyono, MA, Dra. Soedarini Suhartono , MA

    Terlepas dari sikap subyektif atau suka dan tidak suka, semua bentuk pembengkokan sejarah tidak semestinya dibiarkan berlangsung terus-menerus.

  • A Gift of Wings

    A Gift of Wings
    Richard Bach

    A gift for pilots, aviation afficionados, and anyone that loves to fly, this book captures the magic of life in all its limitless horizons.

  • Mustang

    Steve Pace

    This book covers the P/F-51 Mustang and each of its many variants and spin-offs including the A-36 Apache, F-6 Photo Mustang, F-82 Twin Mustang and others.

  • Internationales Flughandbuch Flughafen und Flugplatz Atlas

    Internationales Flughandbuch: Flughafen und Flugplatz Atlas
    Imprimerie Crété S.A., Paris, France

    Das Internationale Flughandbuch wurde im Jahre 1931 vom Verlagshaus Imprimerie Crété S.A. aus Paris herausgegeben. Auf 440 Seiten wird jeder große Verkehrsflughafen, aber auch jeder noch so kleine Landeplatz detailliert beschrieben.

  • Birdmen Batmen and Skyflyers

    Birdmen, Batmen, and Skyflyers
    Michael Abrams

    It traces the story of winged flight from its doomed early pioneers to their glorious high-tech descendants, who’ve at last conquered gravity (sometimes, anyway).

  • Airport Finance and Investment in the Global Economy

    Airport Finance and Investment in the Global Economy
    Anne Graham, Peter Morrell

    This book deals exclusively with airport issues to rectify this. It does this with an analysis of the theoretical concepts relevant to the subject area combined with a detailed investigation of current practice within the industry.

  • Jet Age

    Jet Age
    Sam Howe Verhovek

    At the center of this story are great minds and courageous souls, including Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, who spearheaded the development of the Comet, even as two of his sons lost their lives flying earlier models of his aircraft; Sir Arnold …

  • Are We Safer Now

    Are We Safer Now?
    Byron L. Cherry

    Are We Safer Now? Airline Security in a Post-9/11 Society offers an interesting glance into understanding the factors that influenced the change in passengers' perceptions of how safe they really are when traveling by air.

  • Stealth Fighter

    Stealth Fighter
    Lt. Col. William B. O’Connor, USAF (ret.)

    In Stealth Fighter, the first book-length pilot’s account of flying the Nighthawk in a war zone, O’Connor puts the reader in the cockpit during the action that earned him a Distinguished Flying Cross citation. Stealth fighter.

  • Flight Simulation

    Flight Simulation
    J. M. Rolfe, K. J. Staples

    This is a primary purpose of Flight Simulation. Written in collaboration with a number of internationally known specialists, the book considers the subject in three sections.

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