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  • Avionics Navigation Systems

    Avionics Navigation Systems
    Myron Kayton, Walter R. Fried

    Completely updated to include the latest advances in navigation theory, hardware, and software, this brand-new edition provides comprehensive, unified coverage of the principles of modern navigation equipment and systems.

  • Modelling and Control of Mini Flying Machines

    Modelling and Control of Mini-Flying Machines
    Pedro Castillo Garcia, Rogelio Lozano, Alejandro Enrique Dzul

    The rapid development of control technology has an impact on all areas of the control discipline. The series offers an opportunity for researchers to present an extended exposition of new work in all aspects of industrial control.

  • Understanding Air France 447

    Understanding Air France 447
    Bill Palmer

    Written by A330 Captain, Bill Palmer, this book opens to understanding the actions of the crew, how they failed to understand and control the problem, and how the airplane works and the part it played. All in easy to understand terms.

  • A Wolf s Moon

    A Wolf’s Moon
    Hank Sands

    A raging forest fire threatening Fort Resolution, NWT, kindles a love story. In Port Alberni, BC, Hank flies into a 130,000-volt powerline. These are but a few from this collection of incredible yet true tales.

  • Airport Finance and Investment in the Global Economy

    Airport Finance and Investment in the Global Economy
    Anne Graham, Peter Morrell

    This book deals exclusively with airport issues to rectify this. It does this with an analysis of the theoretical concepts relevant to the subject area combined with a detailed investigation of current practice within the industry.

  • Flight Simulation

    Flight Simulation
    J. M. Rolfe, K. J. Staples

    This is a primary purpose of Flight Simulation. Written in collaboration with a number of internationally known specialists, the book considers the subject in three sections.

  • Helicopter Flying Handbook

    Helicopter Flying Handbook
    Federal Aviation Administration Federal Aviation Administration

    Compiled by the Federal Aviation Administration, this handbook is the ultimate technical manual for anyone who flies or wants to learn to fly a helicopter.

  • Spitfire

    John Dibbs, Tony Holmes

    This eye-catching book combines a unique collection of stunning photos with poignant first-hand accounts of flying the aeroplane in combat, from some of the most famous aces to ever pilot the Spitfire, and from some of the pilots forgotten …

  • Air Transport in the 21st Century

    Air Transport in the 21st Century
    Dr George Williams, Dr J Frankie O’Connell

    The principle aim of this book is to review current trends in the airline industry and its related suppliers, thereby providing an insight into the forces that are changing its dynamics.

  • Topology Optimization in Engineering Structure Design

    Topology Optimization in Engineering Structure Design
    Jihong Zhu, Tong Gao

    This book should appeal to graduate students, researchers and engineers, in detailing how to use topology optimization methods to improve product design.

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