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  • Transport Revolutions

    Transport Revolutions
    Richard Gilbert, Anthony Pearl

    Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight without Oil sets out the challenges to our growing dependence on transport fuelled by low-priced oil.

  • Portland s Streetcar Lines

    Portland’s Streetcar Lines
    Richard Thompson

    In 1927, the local street railway system entered a period of slow decline that ended in 1950, when Portland's last city streetcars gave way to buses. This is the history of those classic lines.

  • Michael Brein s Guide to Berlin by the U Bahn

    Michael Brein’s Guide to Berlin by the U-Bahn
    Michael Brein, Ph.D.

    This is the ‘full’ expanded PDF version of MIchael Brein's Travel Guide to Berlin which includes an ultra-large, zoomable official map of Berlin's subway (U-Bahn) and suburban rail (S-Bahn) system with embedded links to visitor …

  • Determinanten der Verkehrsmittelwahl

    Determinanten der Verkehrsmittelwahl
    Frank D. Knapp

    Verkehr, Verkehrspolitik, Straßenbau, ÖPNV, Deutsche Bundesbahn sind Schlagworte, die ständig in unseren Medien präsent sind und auf eine große Aufmerksamkeit der Öffentlichkeit stoßen.

  • Increasing Passenger Rail Capacity

    Increasing Passenger Rail Capacity
    Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Committee of Public Accounts

    The Department for Transport is eighteen months into a five-year, £9 billion investment programme to improve rail travel, in particular by increasing the number of passenger places on trains by March 2014.

  • Counting the costs financial scrutiny of the Department for Volume 1

    Counting the costs: financial scrutiny of the Department for …, Volume 1
    Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Transport Committee

    Finally, the Committee repeats its call for the Department to publish a national transport strategy to explain what the Government aims to achieve by spending money on transport and how its policies support these aims.

  • Transport for Suburbia

    Transport for Suburbia
    Paul Mees

    This book argues that the secret of 'European-style' public transport lies in a generalizable model of network planning that has worked in places as diverse as rural Switzerland, the Brazilian city of Curitiba and the Canadian cities of …

  • Intercity Passenger Rail

    Intercity Passenger Rail
    Phyllis F. Scheinberg

    Since its inception in 1971, Amtrak has received over $23 billion in Fed. subsidies for operating capital expenses.

  • Reforming our railways

    Reforming our railways
    Great Britain: Department for Transport

    This Command Paper sets out the Government's vision and policies for the railways.

  • Going Over the Water

    Going Over the Water
    David Gary

    In this fascinating book, you will read dozens of those stories, contributed by people from Gosport, Portsmouth and further afield.

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