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  • Trolleys of the Capital District

    Trolleys of the Capital District
    Gino DiCarlo

    The vintage images in Trolleys of the Capital District provide insight into an era gone by and an often forgotten form of transportation.

  • The Hook Eye

    The Hook & Eye
    Donovan L. Hofsommer

    Traces the colorful history of the Iowa Central Railway and its valuable contributions to the development of the upper Midwest, chronicling the origins, growth, and eventual dismantling of the railroad and assessing its relationship with …

  • The American Railroad

    The American Railroad
    Joe Welsh, Jim Boyd, William F. Howes

    This nostalgic, authoritative history of the railroad industry in the United States is richly illustrated with more than 200 images covering everything from the road's beginning to its heyday in the 1940s and '50s and its current state.

  • Brezhnev s Folly

    Brezhnev’s Folly
    Christopher J. Ward

    In Brezhnev's Folly, Christopher J. Ward provides a groundbreaking social history of the BAM railway project.

  • Limiteds Locals and Expresses in Indiana 1838 1971

    Limiteds, Locals, and Expresses in Indiana, 1838-1971
    Craig Sanders

    Craig Sanders gives us a comprehensive history of intercity passenger service in Indiana, from the time railroads began to develop in the state in the mid-19th century through May 1, 1971, when Amtrak began operations.

  • Dr Beeching s Axe 50 Years On

    Dr Beeching’s Axe 50 Years On
    Julian Holland

    Julian Holland's Dr Beeching's Axe 50 Years On is a unique memorial to all that was lost following the publication of the ‘Beeching Report’ on 27 March 1963.

  • Nothing Like It In The World Lp

    Nothing Like It In The World Lp
    Stephen E. Ambrose

    From the author of the bestselling "D-Day, Undaunted Courage, Citizen Soldiers, The Victors" and "Comrades" comes an epic true story of the transcontinental railroad, a brilliant feat of enterprise and engineering.

  • Uncle Sam s Locomotives

    Uncle Sam’s Locomotives
    Eugene L. Huddleston

    Uncle Sam's Locomotives looks at these magnificent locomotives and discusses how and why the designs were chosen, how they related to existing designs, what standardizing entailed, and how each performed.

  • Вагоны
    Л.А. Шадур

    Учебник для вузов ж.д. трансп. В книге рассматриваются устройство, выбор технико-экономических параметров и габаритных размеров, а …

  • The Twilight of Southern Steam

    The Twilight of Southern Steam
    Don Benn

    This book is first and foremost the story of the enginemen and their steeds which brought the steam era to an end on the Southern.

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