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  • Limiteds Locals and Expresses in Indiana 1838 1971

    Limiteds, Locals, and Expresses in Indiana, 1838-1971
    Craig Sanders

    Craig Sanders gives us a comprehensive history of intercity passenger service in Indiana, from the time railroads began to develop in the state in the mid-19th century through May 1, 1971, when Amtrak began operations.

  • Amazing Extraordinary Facts Steam Age

    Amazing & Extraordinary Facts – Steam Age
    Julian Holland

    Respected transport author Julian Holland delves into the intriguing world of steam in his latest book, which is full of absorbing facts and figures on subjects ranging from Cornish beam engines, steam railway locomotives, road vehicles and …

  • Railroad Advertising

    Railroad Advertising
    Tad Burness

    Classic Railroad Advertising covers nearly a century of memories – of powerful steam locomotives and elegant streamliners, of the brute force of diesel power and the patriotic effort to keep America on the move during a tumultuous world war …

  • Вагоны
    Л.А. Шадур

    Учебник для вузов ж.д. трансп. В книге рассматриваются устройство, выбор технико-экономических параметров и габаритных размеров, а …

  • History of the J G Brill Company

    History of the J.G. Brill Company
    Debra Brill

    A fascinating variety of open, closed, convertible, and semi-convertible cars, propelled by horse, steam, cable, and electricity, parade through the pages of this book.

  • All Aboard

    All Aboard
    Jim Loomis

    This new, fourth edition includes a new chapter about eight major railway stations, and is updated throughout with new information and photographs.

  • Chicago America s Railroad Capital

    Chicago: America’s Railroad Capital
    Brian Solomon, John Gruber, Michael Blaszak, Chris Guss

    "A history of the development of Chicago as a railroad hub, from its earliest days to the present, illustrated with color and black and white photographs, maps, and railroad memorabilia"-Provided by publisher.

  • Wheel Rail Interface Handbook

    Wheel-Rail Interface Handbook
    R. Lewis, U Olofsson

    This comprehensive volume will enable practising railway engineers, in whatever discipline of railway engineering – infrastructure, vehicle design and safety, and so on – to enhance their understanding of wheel/rail issues, which have a …

  • The Train Doesn t Stop Here Anymore

    The Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore
    Ron Brown

    This book revisits the times when railways were the country’s economic lifelines, and the station the social centre. Here was where we worked, played, listened to political speeches, or simply said goodbye to loved ones.

  • Chinese Railways in the Era of High Speed

    Chinese Railways in the Era of High Speed
    Zhenhua Chen, Kingsley E. Haynes

    This book reflects on experiences in other countries and makes recommendations for improving the capability and capacity of institutions and organizations, in order to achieve sustainable development of the Chinese high-speed railway (HSR) …

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