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  • Maritime Archaeology

    Maritime Archaeology
    Keith Muckelroy

    Maritime archaeology – the scientific investigation of the relics of past ships and seafaring – has come into being as a distinctive sub-discipline of archaeology only since the wartime invention of the aqualung.

  • Petticoat Whalers

    Petticoat Whalers
    Joan Druett, Ron Druett

    First US Edition — The first comprehensive book on whaling wives at sea written for a general audience.

  • Ed Monk and the Tradition of Classic Boats

    Ed Monk and the Tradition of Classic Boats
    Bet Oliver

    From interviews with those who knew Ed Monk personally, and those who own his boats today, this book is in part a biography of the man and in part the story of his creations.

  • Marine Propellers and Propulsion

    Marine Propellers and Propulsion
    John Carlton

    The most complete book available on marine propellers, fully updated and revised, with new chapters on propulsion in ice and high speed propellers Gathers together otherwise disparate material on the theory and practice of propulsion …

  • The Way of the Ship

    The Way of the Ship
    Alex Roland, W. Jeffrey Bolster, Alexander Keyssar

    While it elucidates the significant impact of the merchant marine, this book views American maritime commerce from a global perspective and incorporates the crucial contributions of shipping on coastal and inland waters.

  • Fletes y Comercio Maritimo

    Fletes y Comercio Maritimo
    Maria Jesus Freire Seoane, Fernando Gonzalez Laxe

    Este libro explicita las nuevas bases del comercio marítimo, señalando con claridad los agentes que participan e intervienen en el negocio naval.

  • The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks

    The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks
    James Elliott Moore

    The Midwest Book Review Focussing on the economics of terrorism in the post 9/11 world, this book brings together original research based on the collaborative efforts of leading economists and planners.

  • The Petroleum Shipping Industry Operations and practices Volume 2

    The Petroleum Shipping Industry: Operations and practices, Volume 2
    Michael D. Tusiani

    This set gives a broad introductory overview of the entire petroleum marine industry and how it is affected by the world petroleum markets.

  • Kayakcraft

    Ted Moores

    Ted Moores operates the Bear Mountain Boat Shop in Peterborough, Ontario with his partner, Joan Barrett.

  • Steamboat Connections

    Steamboat Connections
    Frank Mackey

    In Steamboat Connections Frank Mackey gives us a narrative account of the first twenty-five years of steam navigation along the St Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers.

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