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  • Kyoto A Contemplative Guide

    Kyoto: A Contemplative Guide
    Gouverneur Mosher

    With this guide the visitor needs no further assistance to learn all that a place has to offer.

  • 老屋顏

    聽老屋說故事 看見老台灣的生活情味 由紀州庵到林百貨,走訪全台24間特色老屋 日治到戰後,拼出老台灣人的生活軌跡 你知道早年大稻埕商家的產品也是街屋牌樓上的裝飾嗎? …

  • Exciting India

    Exciting India
    Bikram Grewal

    The heart of India is the densely populated Gangetic plain, the home of great civilizations for over 5,000 years.

  • India and Tibet

    India and Tibet
    Sir Francis Edward Younghusband

    It is an interesting reflection for those to make who think that we must necessarily have been the aggressive party, that the far-distant primary cause of all our attempts at intercourse with the Tibetans was an act of aggression, not on …

  • The Bangladesh Reader

    The Bangladesh Reader
    Meghna Guhathakurta, Willem van Schendel

    Packed with images, first-person accounts, short stories, historical documents, speeches, treaties, essays, poems, and songs, this Reader is an unprecedented introduction to the historical, cultural, and political permutations that have …

  • الرحلة اليابانية
    أحمد علي الجرجاوي

    يُعد الشيخ الجرجاوي هو أول داعية للإسلام في بلاد اليابان في العصر الحديث، حيث قام برحلة إلى اليابان سنة 1906م للدعوة إلى الإسلام، …

  • Thailand Culture Smart

    Thailand – Culture Smart!
    Roger Jones

    This new, updated edition of Culture Smart! Thailand describes how the Thai people view the world and themselves. It examines the impact of religious beliefs and history on their lives, as well as the continuing importance of the monarchy.

  • Indonesia

    Stephen Backshall

    This newly designed edition includes a full-colour section at the front of the guide featuring the authors'' selected highlights of the country.

  • Mysore

    B. L. Rice

    Sub: Mysore,Karnataka-India-Gazetteer

  • Everyday Nationalism

    Everyday Nationalism
    Kalyani Menon

    This ethnography analyzes the popularity of Hindu nationalism in contemporary India through examining the everyday acts of women activists, finding that women's ability to recruit individuals from a variety of backgrounds and the movement's …

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