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  • Isolarion

    James Attlee

    But is a pilgrimage even possible these days for city-dwellers enmeshed in the pressures of work and family life? Or is there a way to be a pilgrim without leaving one's life behind?

  • America by River and Rail

    America by River and Rail
    William Ferguson

    Originally published in 1856, William Ferguson's America by River and Rail is a diary of his impressions of his travels along the East coast, out to the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, and through Montreal and Quebec.

  • The Colossus of Maroussi

    The Colossus of Maroussi
    Henry Miller

    The author's quest for spiritual renewal is illuminated in descriptions of his impressions of Greece and its people

  • Around the World with a King

    Around the World with a King
    William N. Armstrong

    Around the World with a King, is an eyewitness account of King Kalakaua's journey around the world in 1881. William Armstrong accompanied the King as a member of His Majesty's Government and Royal Commissioner for Immigration.

  • Walks in Rome Two Volumes in One

    Walks in Rome (Two Volumes in One)
    Augustus J C Hare

    His Walks in Rome was first published in 1871; this replica of the 15th edition from 1900, published here as two volumes in one, offers a virtual walking tour of: the Corso and its neighborhood, including the Piazza del Popolo, the Temple …

  • AmĂ rica en bicicleta

    América en bicicleta
    Andrés Ruggeri

    el 28 de enero de 1998, Andres Ruggeri monto la bicicleta y desde su casa en Buenos Aires partio rumbo a Cuba.

  • Laperouse

    Ernest Scott

    SIR ERNEST SCOTT (1867-1939) was born in England but emigrated to Australia as an adult, where he wrote for the Melbourne Herald and was later named professor of history at the University of Melbourne.

  • India and Tibet

    India and Tibet
    Sir Francis Edward Younghusband

    It is an interesting reflection for those to make who think that we must necessarily have been the aggressive party, that the far-distant primary cause of all our attempts at intercourse with the Tibetans was an act of aggression, not on …

  • The Juice

    The Juice
    Jay McInerney

    This new collection by the acclaimed novelist—and, according to Salon, “the best wine writer in America”—is generous and far-reaching, deeply knowledgeable and often hilarious.

  • Chattooga

    John Lane

    A natural and cultural history of the Chattooga River, made famous by James Dickey's Deliverance, compares the myth of the river and the natural history of the river, and uses the Chattooga as a starting point for a meditation on endangered …

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