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  • The Garden of Allah

    The Garden of Allah
    Robert Hichens

    When first published in 1904 this grand tale of adventure by a young English woman traveling alone in the Sahara Desert was regarded as a titillating piece of literature.

  • Almost French

    Almost French
    Sarah Turnbull

    The charming true story of a spirited young woman who finds adventure–and the love of her life–in Paris.

  • Rain

    Melissa Harrison

    In Rain, Melissa Harrison explores our relationship with the weather as she follows the course of four rain showers, in four seasons, across Wicken Fen, Shropshire, the Darent Valley and Dartmoor.

  • Cuba Hot and Cold

    Cuba, Hot and Cold
    Tom Miller

    "A collection of renowned travel writer Tom Miller's best musings on the history and culture of Cuba"–Provided by publisher.

  • Wildwood

    Roger Deakin

    Here, published for the first time in the United States, is the last book by Roger Deakin, famed British nature writer and icon of the environmentalist movement.

  • Our Old Home

    Our Old Home
    Nathaniel Hawthorne

    This volume collects a series of essays and sketches that Hawthorne penned during his stay abroad. They offer keen insight into the differences between the two cultures and the ultimately illusory nature of the idea of "home."

  • Mapping Gendered Routes and Spaces in the Early Modern World

    Mapping Gendered Routes and Spaces in the Early Modern World
    Professor Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks

    Essays in this volume address this question from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, with topics key to the ‘spatial turn’, such as borders and their permeability, actual and metaphorical spatial crossings, travel and displacement, …

  • A Tour on the Prairies

    A Tour on the Prairies
    Washington Irving

    In 1832, Washington Irving, America’s first literary superstar, returned to the United States after seventeen years abroad and swiftly set out to explore Pawnee country—the wild uncharted territory deep in the young nation’s interior.

  • I Know You Got Soul

    I Know You Got Soul
    Jeremy Clarkson

    In I Know You Got Soul, Jeremy Clarkson writes about the machines that he believes have 'soul'. It will come as no surprise to anyone that Jeremy Clarkson loves machines.

  • The Chains of Heaven An Ethiopian Romance

    The Chains of Heaven: An Ethiopian Romance
    Philip Marsden

    Philip Marsden returns to the remote, fiercely beautiful landscape that has exercised a powerful mythic appeal over him since his first encounter with it over twenty years ago.

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