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  • Caucaso crogiuolo di popoli e culture In viaggio attraverso Armenia Georgia e Azerbaijan

    Caucaso crogiuolo di popoli e culture. In viaggio attraverso Armenia, Georgia e Azerbaijan
    Marco Crisafulli

    Una leggenda racconta che Noè aveva messo in salvo dal Diluvio molte genti, ma l’arca troppo carica rischiava di affondare; così decise di sbarcare tutti sul monte Elbruz, la vetta più alta della catena del Caucaso, che spuntava dalle …

  • L albicocco la vite il melograno A piedi attraverso l Armenia

    L’albicocco, la vite, il melograno. A piedi attraverso l’Armenia
    Pierpaolo Faggi

    Il testo racconta, con stile agile e compatto, a volte ironico altre più riflessivo, un viaggio a piedi attraverso l’Armenia, effettuato – da nord a sud, dalle pianure centrali al confine iraniano – nell’estate 2016.

  • Georgia

    Tim Burford

    Bradt’s Georgia provides travelers and hikers with all the insights, hard facts and hidden treasures for this little-explored but very welcoming ex-Soviet state.

  • Black Sea

    Black Sea
    Neal Ascherson

    This is a story of Greeks, Scythians, Samatians, Huns, Goths, Turks, Russians, Ukrainians and Poles. This is the sea where Europe ended. It is the place where 'barbarism' was born. UPDATED WITH A NEW FOREWORD BY THE AUTHOR

  • Casino Moscow

    Casino Moscow
    Matthew Brzezinski

    Into this free-market maelstrom stepped rookie Wall Street Journal reporter Matthew Brzezinski, who was immediately pulled into the mad world of Russian capitalism — where corrupt bankers and fast-talking American carpetbaggers presided …

  • Midnight in Siberia A Train Journey into the Heart of Russia

    Midnight in Siberia: A Train Journey into the Heart of Russia
    David Greene

    Travels with NPR host David Greene along the Trans-Siberian Railroad capture an overlooked, idiosyncratic Russia in the age of Putin.

  • From Russia With Lunch

    From Russia With Lunch
    David Smiedt

    By the end of his journey, David finally has an answer to his mother-in-law’s question: ‘Who are your people?’ In From Russia With Lunch, David Smiedt takes all that is irreverent about Molvania and combines it with a love of history …

  • Lost Province

    Lost Province
    Stephen Henighan

    Stephen Henighan, a Romanian grammar book and hours of language tapes under his belt, billets with a family as an English teacher in Moldova, a country born from the dismantling of Romania during World War II. As a Westerner in this "lost …

  • Sommertage in Estland

    Sommertage in Estland
    Lutz Dettmann

    Im Juli 2000 fährt der Autor mit Frau und beiden Kindern mit der Fähre nach Tallinn, um seinen estnischen Freund Valdur und dessen Familie zu besuchen.

  • Language and Travel Guide to Romania

    Language and Travel Guide to Romania
    Rosemary Rennon

    Rosemary Rennon discovered Romania in 1993 when she went hunting for the small village where her father was born.

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