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  • Montgomery County

    Montgomery County
    Kelly Yacobucci Farquhar

    All of this is compellingly retold in Montgomery County, a broad look at the people, industry, culture, and architecture that make up the county's history.

  • Exciting India

    Exciting India
    Bikram Grewal

    The heart of India is the densely populated Gangetic plain, the home of great civilizations for over 5,000 years.

  • Batavia

    Jim Edwards, Wynette Edwards

    Few people realize that this city has had a long history of leadership in the development of energy resources. In Batavia we endeavor to explore that history, with a look at power from windmills to power plants.

  • Independence

    Richard Piland, Marietta Boenker

    This book illustrates the history of Independence in more than 200 vintage images, detailing the people, businesses, churches, schools, organizations, and events that played important roles in the city's past.

  • Gary s West Side

    Gary’s West Side
    John C. Trafny

    Gary's West Side: The Horace Mann Neighborhood is a pictorial history spanning four generations of one of the Steel City's premier residential districts.

  • Cleveland s Flats

    Cleveland’s Flats
    Matthew Lee Grabski

    Cleveland is home to many fascinating neighborhoods and districts.

  • An Anthology of Women s Travel Writing

    An Anthology of Women’s Travel Writing
    Shirley Foster, Sara Mills

    This anthology aims to challenge stereotypes of women travellers by presenting writings by women who travelled bravely around the world disregarding social convention and danger.

  • Seppelliti nel cielo

    Seppelliti nel cielo
    Amanda Padoan, Peter Zuckerman

  • Middleton

    Shirley Paul Raynard, Middleton Historical Society

    Middleton was first settled in 1651.

  • Carmichael

    Kay Muther

    Showcased in this engaging volume of more than 200 vintage images are many aspects of life in Carmichael, from the wide-open pastures where roadside stands once offered fruits, vegetables, and eggs along today‚Äôs Fair Oaks Boulevard to the …

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