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  • Hidden History of Detroit

    Hidden History of Detroit
    Amy Elliott Bragg

    Meet the argumentative French fugitive who founded the city, the tobacco magnate who haunts his shuttered factory, the gambler prankster millionaire who built a monument to himself, the governor who brought his scholarly library with him on …

  • Misfortune on Clevelandâ s Millionaires Row

    Misfortune on Cleveland’s Millionaires’ Row
    Alan F. Dutka

    Author Alan Dutka delves into sixteen tales of anguish and deceit that offer a startling perspective on Cleveland's super-rich.

  • Family Vacation

    Family Vacation
    Susan Sessions Rugh

    Family Vacation triggers fond memories of fights in the backseat, treasured souvenirs, and all-American tourist spots like Yellowstone, Disneyland, or Washington, D.C. Whether the summer vacation was to Grandma's farm or a tour of the …

  • God s Children

    God’s Children
    Archibald Rutledge

    In 1937, after decades in the North, Archibald Rutledge returned to the hyacinth days and camellia nights of his native Carolina Lowcountry to restore his family home, Hampton Plantation.

  • A History of the Providence River

    A History of the Providence River
    Robert A. Geake

    Along its waters glided boats and ships engaged in the slave trade, the raid on the "Gaspee" and all manner of coastal commerce. Historian Robert A. Geake has paddled the river's length to uncover the mysteries coursing within.

  • An Anthology of Women s Travel Writing

    An Anthology of Women’s Travel Writing
    Shirley Foster, Sara Mills

    This anthology aims to challenge stereotypes of women travellers by presenting writings by women who travelled bravely around the world disregarding social convention and danger.

  • A People s History of the Lake of the Ozarks

    A People’s History of the Lake of the Ozarks
    Dan William Peek, Kent Van Landuyt

    True locals Dan William Peek and Kent Van Landuyt piece together the fascinating story of how that community adapted to the lake that redefined their home.

  • RV Capital of the World

    RV Capital of the World
    Al Hesselbart

    Join author and RV expert Al Hesselbart as he chronicles how the Hoosier State became the RV Capital of the World.

  • Boston s Financial District

    Boston’s Financial District
    Anthony Mitchell Sammarco

    Boston's financial district is considered the heart of New England's banking and finance.

  • Why We Never Danced the Charleston

    Why We Never Danced the Charleston
    Harlan Greene

    Told in intoxicatingly beautiful prose, this story of passion, beauty and the deadly effects of sexual repression takes us to a specific time and place, yet simultaneously blossoms as a universal tale of the human heart in conflict with its …

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