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  • Lonely Planet West Africa

    Lonely Planet West Africa
    Lonely Planet, Anthony Ham, Jean-Bernard Carillet, Paul Clammer, Emilie Filou, Tom Masters, Anja Mutic, Caroline Sieg, Kate Thomas, Vanessa Wruble

    Looking for just a few of the destinations included in this guide? Check out the relevant Lonely Planet country guides for a comprehensive look at what each country has to offer.

  • Lonely Planet Dublin

    Lonely Planet Dublin
    Lonely Planet, Fionn Davenport

    Inside Lonely Planet Dublin Travel Guide: Full-colour maps and images throughout Highlights and itineraries help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, …

  • Your Gap Year

    Your Gap Year
    Susan Griffith

    Presents a guide to using extended time off between major stages in life to pursue non-traditional education, work, travel, volunteer, or experiential opportunities.

  • Road Trip USA Atlantic Coast

    Road Trip USA: Atlantic Coast
    Jamie Jensen

    Professional traveler Jamie Jensen traveled more than 400,000 miles to bring you the best-selling travel guide Road Trip USA.

  • Historic Lucknow

    Historic Lucknow
    Sidney Hay

    Dimensions: 25 cm., illust., illustrated by Enver Ahmed with an introduction by Lord Hailey

  • Colombia

    Jens Porup

  • El Souvenir Spanish Phrasebook and Journal

    El Souvenir Spanish Phrasebook and Journal
    Alex Chapin, Daniel Franklin

    Put the romance of adventure back into your travels by making language part of your journey El souvenir: Spanish Phrasebook and Journal is not just a phrasebook and it isn't just a journal; in fact, it is probably like no other travel …

  • Malaysia Singapore Brunei Ediz Inglese

    Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei. Ediz. Inglese
    Simon Richmond, Damian Harper

    This country guide offers down to earth, accurate information for every budget.

  • Chicago Encounter

    Chicago Encounter
    Nate Cavalieri

    What Will Your Chicago Encounter Be? Laughing yourself silly at an improv show at Second City Diving into a gooey slice of deep-dish pizza at no-frills Pequod's Pizza Floating in the shadow of steely giants on an architectural river cruise …

  • Istanbul Encounter

    Istanbul Encounter
    Verity Campbell

    Offering fast, easy, and accessible information for urban adventurers, these compact, full-color travel guide, written by local experts who share insider knowledge and opinionated recommendations, include pull-out maps, accommodation …

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