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  • The Beer Lover s Guide to the USA

    The Beer Lover’s Guide to the USA
    Stan Hieronymus, Daria Labinsky

    Organized by state and city and using a four star rating system, the guide makes finding the best bars a snap.

  • The Tablehopper s Guide to Dining and Drinking in San Francisco

    The Tablehopper’s Guide to Dining and Drinking in San Francisco
    Marcia Gagliardi

    This first-of-its-kind guidebook has more than 580 reviews of the tablehopper’s top suggestions for: Girls’ Night Out Dates One, Two, and Three Bromance Cheap Date Guys Lunch (Dude Food) Group Dining and Buyouts Meet the Future In-Laws …

  • Southern Food

    Southern Food
    John Egerton

    Egerton explores southern food in over 200 restaurants in 11 Southern states, describing each establishment's specialties and recounting his conversations with owners, cooks, waiters, and customers. Includes more than 150 regional recipes.

  •         2013 2014

    香港百道經典美食 2013-2014
    Group Buyer

    蝦餃邊度最好食? 邊度炒的飯最有鑊氣呀? 全民投票,以100道經典菜式,為每道菜選出100間經典餐廳! 真正港人港味! 帶你食盡最地道的香港美食!

  • Clean Plates Manhattan 2012

    Clean Plates Manhattan 2012
    Jared Koch, Alex Van Buren, Van Alex

    Just toss this guide in your bag and flip through it whenever you're craving an Italian trattoria, grass-fed steak, gourmet vegetarian dinner, organic burrito or juicy burger free of hormones and antibiotics. Carnivore? Locavore? Vegan?

  • Santa Barbara Chef s Table

    Santa Barbara Chef’s Table
    James Fraioli

    A keepsake cookbook for tourists and locals alike, the book is a celebration of Santa Barbara's farm-to-table way of life.

  • Te la do io la dieta

    Te la do io la dieta
    Fabrizio Borghetti

    Fabrizio Borghetti, dopo anni di body building, power lifting, full contact, sollevamento pesi e pugilato praticati a livello agonistico, si ritrova oggi a pesare più di 100 kg, formati da massa muscolare, ma anche da un bel po’ di …

  • Food Lovers Guide to Philadelphia

    Food Lovers’ Guide to Philadelphia
    Iris McCarthy

    Food Lovers' Guides Indispensable handbooks to local gastronomic delights The ultimate guides to the food scene in their respective states or regions, these books provide the inside scoop on the best places to find, enjoy, and celebrate …

  • Savor Colorado Cookbook Mountains Western Slope

    Savor Colorado Cookbook: Mountains & Western Slope
    Chuck Johnson, Blanche Johnson

    "Savor Colorado Mountains Western Slope Cookbook" features select recipes for entrees, appetizers, and desserts from Colorado's premier restaurants, along with photographs, descriptions, and historical information about each establishment.

  • Okanagan Slow Road

    Okanagan Slow Road
    Bernadette McDonald

    Although not a definitive guide to Okanagan wines, this book is a personal journey from southern desert wineries with their "big reds" through to the northern Okanagan where crisp whites rule, and includes a list of the many wineries worth …

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